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Yo pls boost me 

Hello! I'm Alex/Tempo, im a demigirl who likes megaman, kingdom hearts, metroid, Castlevania and a lot of other games. Sometimes other things too. Would like to make new friends to embarrass with my shitposts

lewd poll 

I need to find out which one of you monsters would have sex in your boots, but take your boots off, then your socks, then put your boots back on FoR tHe PrInCiPaL oF iT

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God if my areolas are this big I better be about to end up with some Rockin Bangers

Actually opened my eyes this time wow
(Also i realise every selfie I take accentuates my crooked face lmao)

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I have an old bright red hand me down shirt that says "I tried to be good but I got bored" and I'm not about to wear it casually but I'm gonna hold onto it for when I get more Boobage and become hotter so I can really hit my Slutty Phase and take some selfies with a lollipop and no pants

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