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Anyway, boost this toot to get a free horse, no guarantees on its quality

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im in the hd
im in the 4k
im in the combination hd and the 4k

So what's the haps on mastodon I havent been here in a while what's the new hit meme

Actually opened my eyes this time wow
(Also i realise every selfie I take accentuates my crooked face lmao)

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I have an old bright red hand me down shirt that says "I tried to be good but I got bored" and I'm not about to wear it casually but I'm gonna hold onto it for when I get more Boobage and become hotter so I can really hit my Slutty Phase and take some selfies with a lollipop and no pants

You can always tell how thirsty the membership of a Church is by how much of a snack Jesus is depicted as inside.

Interesting. You claim to support a free society, yet you oppose me being nude in this TGI Fridays.

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