Now that I have my local version of running, exploring the wilderness and weirdness of its latent space will become a bit faster and comfortable.

To-Do: save the vectors so you can return to an interesting location. Since at least for now everyone will be in the same latent space it's a bit like map making.

There seems to be a 1:500 chance to stumble across black-and-white images.


Le flaneur de l'espace latent.

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Remember that this moment in time in which these images appear strange and incomprehensible to you is a very fleeting one and there might not be many like it ahead. This will soon look very normal to you, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Following's sin(z) experiments I am coming across some other kind of strange natural laws of the latent space.

This unremarkable figure seems to be the keeper of the realm. It lives at the center of latent land, patient zero so to speak.

Well, seems about right given what the world is made of: 90% dirt. 8% garbage and 2% organic matter.

Grown up in the outskirts of latent city, John presents his latest album "John."

Now you may ask: where have all those convolutional artifacts and supersaturated images gone that pioneered this space? Well, I tell you: they became victims of gantrification and were driven far out into the zones where the gradients only descent once a week.

Another random cross section through the uncharted backwaters of .

The journey is the trip. Or something like that.

@Quasimondo You should post your images with a tag mastoart to publish on - always cool to see a bit of algorithmic art in the gallery!

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