Found a hideaway in the wastelands of .

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A strange artifact in the distant mountains. Too far away for me to reach it with my scarce water supply.

I am a bit worried about my food supplies. So far I abstained from considering the wildlife in the surrounding areas for dietary purposes.

I am in luck. Last night's sandstorm has brought a flock of Tumbleweasels right into my camp. These spherical mammals can travel over hundreds of miles just using the force of wind.

Now that my larder has been restocked my little companion has nothing to fear anymore. The natives call it "The nightingan of the desert" and I agree - it's song is most delightful when it untucks its beak from behind the scarf that protects it against the relentless sandstorms.

Another storm is approaching fast. I could take three pictures before having to go underground.

Being confined to my quarters I passed the time by tidying up when behind one of the shelves I discovered these strange symbols engraved into the wall.

Upon closer examination I found a concealed button in one of the hieroglyphs. After pressing it a hidden mechanism slid back the wall and revealed another room behind it that contained these two alien apparatuses.

A while ago my feathered friend took the decision whether to touch these devices or not out of my hands. It landed on what seems to be an activator switch and the machine came alive for a minute.

Wait, I can hear some roaring outside, let me check what is going on.

The landing site is still covered in a gigantic dust cloud. It's hard to breathe and the temperatures force me to stay in the safety of my bunker.

The dust has settled, the extensive heat is making the air shimmer.
Some figures are approaching, but it is hard to make out their shapes with the light playing tricks on me.

I must have lost consciousness. When I woke up the vessel was gone and I can't detect any traces of its passengers.

But wait. There are some pictures on my recording device I don't recall having taken.

The sky has turned green and the air is filled with what seems to be some kind of pollen.

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