These-movies-do-not-exist. Or do they?

A teenage girl and her father travel to California to stay with her dad's relatives, but they are actually horrific aliens in disguise.

A man is taught to fight zombies by a martial arts master in the Arizona desert.

A man from the past is sent into the future to help his friend, but ends up leaving the future in ruins.

A scientist invents a drug that brings out a person's innate ability to deal with any crisis.

A reclusive writer creates a beautiful fantasy world and an intricately designed puzzle box to hide the link between his world and the real one.

An alcoholic former sports star becomes a children's book author and illustrator who uses his stories to teach valuable life lessons.

A family's suburban home is invaded by small, carnivorous creatures who kill people by burrowing into their brains and eating their memories.

It's the 18th century and Elizabeth, the city's consummate Golden Girl, has just fallen mysteriously ill, so she and her four best girlfriends send out an invitation to their ex-boyfriends to help them reminisce about the past.

Two reporters investigate a police corruption story, which leads them to discover a vampire conspiracy and attempt to unravel a federal cover-up.

An elderly, wheelchair-bound man lives in a nursing home, but he has some unexplained visitors every night that come to see him.

A CIA operative discovers that people who don't fit in a society can become quite dangerous.

A headstrong beauty accidentally captures and tames a rock and roll band, who slowly transform into respectable citizens.

An unpopular janitor gets elected to be school president because the school bully decides to endorse him in order to sell amphetamines.

A man must complete his project of writing a "Complete History of the Greatest Age of Man" in the face of a series of setbacks, including economic depression, his girlfriend's extramarital affairs, and his own physical ailments.

A professor on a cruise ship is embarrassed when he returns home to discover that the whole town is talking about the books he is supposed to have written.

A young British scientist trying to replicate a winning race horse gets help from a man who discovered a new dimension in the theory of relativity.

A town is terrorized by a serial killer dressed in a bear suit, who roams in search of the love of his life.

A man unwittingly becomes one of the aliens disguised as humans who have taken over the Earth.

A frustrated man finds a portal into a parallel world, and realizes that his greed does not belong there.

A man searches the Earth for years trying to find the best beer in order to gain admission to a mythical paradise.

A woman has five hours to live, and finds that she is able to slow down time.

A couple of scientists work on a top secret device, which gets destroyed by a man with a grudge.

A plumber teams up with a poltergeist: they have the same dream.

An eccentric plantation owner uses his dwarf kittens to control the world, but they start controlling the women at a water park.

Two men fight for custody over a tiny cow during a zombie crisis.

A man uses exotic tools like lasers and table saws to sculpt elephants out of meat.

A creepy maniac discovers a way to send individual E-mails to 170 million people worldwide, and can change the world in unexpected ways.

Cowboys performing a horizontal mambo on the Jumbotron.

An alcoholic investment banker is transported back to the Roman empire during the life of Jesus Christ. The banker meets a young man on the way to becoming the new Jesus, and finds camaraderie and a lesson in acceptance.

A family finds a map that leads them to a fantasy ski resort.

A zombie loses his legs in a runaway buggy and learns that life doesn't end at the end of the world.

A man buys things he believes a happy person would own, but realizes he isn't a happy person.

A blind child builds a model of the universe and is able to see into alternate dimensions.

A crooked entrepreneur tries to buy his way into a consciousness-expanding drug society.

"Plans We Made" -
A man creates an android double of himself in order to spend time playing with his boring son.

"The Sound of Winter"
A woman who is unable to sleep hears the spiritual voices of plants.

"The Enchanted Ping Pong Ball"
A man builds a robot that mimics his movements while playing table tennis.


"The Miracle of the Rose"
After a nuclear holocaust, a woman and her robot end up creating a new race of humans out of roses.

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