The model is still in the proto-stage of the training, so this will have to do for now.

17 hours of training later and still no convergence in sight.

It's either giant bug-eyed monsters breaking through the wall or just the typical StyleGAN2 wrinkles of a model that needs a lot more training.

Speculative titles:
"Goethe's Corpse Contemplating His Torn-out Heart"
"God Designs the Banana"
"The Bug-Eyed Monsters' Barbecue"

With a little bit of good will I can recognize a giant killer robot and Armageddon by meteor storm and flying monster slugs here. Still no humans in sight.

Trying to continue the training with a different γ value. So far it is still trapped in slug-face territory. I fear the data is just too dissimilar and unaligned to ever reach a "normal" look.


For a moment I had my hopes up, but at about 3 am the whole model collapsed.

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