Nice to see it’s getting more active on here.

Still trying to figure out what the hell the tip jar is on here.

If you say you can’t live without me then why aren’t you dead yet?

I’m cracking up. Mast is now charging for the app. That RPer traffic driving up costs.

You guys keep posting all these esthetically pleasing posts and here I am still without a header.

I just made the most bomb salad. And I don’t even like salad.

This place never has any issues.

Bless the toot.

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Now if I can figure out how to add multiple accounts in one...


Oh. It worked. I don’t know how to unblock now though so they are gonna have to stay blocked.

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Project: Get all the cool peeps here and active af. This place has so much potential.

I just endorsed my dry sister. Whatever that means. Hope she makes it big now.

What bugs me is the time I joined. These odd numbers are so annoying. About to delete and rejoin on 4:44:4.

@MaliciousMamba I will if this thing actually lasts. I feel like the hype will die in a day or two.

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