Hello everyone! First, thanks for all the compliments on J's . I've passed them on & he says Thank You !

Second of all, if you recently sent me a follow request, could you please do it again at my other account, @QueenMollyBones . Many thanks!

Hi Mastodon, could you take a look at these very beautiful blankets, made by my son J. *Proud parent emoji*

J is gay & trans & trying to raise money by selling his works of crochet art. He is working part time & does loads of community activism, so I offered to help by putting these up for him.

Reasonable offers are welcome, bearing in mind that they are large & take many, many hours work. If you are interested & want to know more, let me know.

a patchwork quilt
white chrysanthemums

Sadness the principle trigger in addictive behavior 

#Harvard University researchers find that #sadness (hopefully better defined in the research) is the triggering factor in most addictive behavior in those with a propensity for addiction. Smoking was particularly addressed. I'd like to see a study on hopelessness as an addiction trigger fastcompany.com/90450668/harva

I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to be interviewed or have a chat about their experiences of using technology in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s as part of a #DigiPres project to document the growth and change in that time.

Please drop me a reply or DM if you're interested.

Who am I looking for? Software people, gamers, enthusiasts, fellow nerds... anyone who used and/or loved technology around the start of the PC boom and birth of the WWW around the world.

So apparently I have made an alt on Queer Party when I first joined Nasti and forgot about it. So I guess I will try on there and see how it goes.

If you wear glasses, are they clean? Take a moment and clean them up so you can see a little better.

Press the button
and put the poem
on repeat — every
beat recognizable
as a pliable piece
of street, playing
words to the rhythm
when we walk
as we speak:
the poet writes
in the code
of disbelief

Does anyone know what happened to @shivian@mastodon.xyz ?

The alt on @Shivian@mastodon.art isn't active and birdsite is closed as well

I hope everything is well

the fediverse is the person who can't find their glasses because they are wearing them except it's not glasses it's a gender

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Realistic hacking montage: someone starts trying to write a script, Googles a question on StackExchange, reads a Reddit thread, navigates over to TV Tropes, starts looking up something about a famous band on Wikipedia, starts playing Minecraft, starts looking at their email, and suddenly remembers they're supposed to be writing a script.

They now have 20 tabs open, and three hours have gone by.

Folks into #gamestudies, #gamedesign, #interactioncriticism, #HCI take a look at Kieran Nolan's PhD thesis "The Art, Aesthetics, and Materiality of the Arcade Videogame Interface". Kieran designed and built a number of arcade cabinets with technologies from the mid-80s to the late 90s to explore the aesthetics of video game interfaces as digital material.
The thesis is open access tara.tcd.ie/handle/2262/90862

If your Tesla gets stolen it becomes an Edison. I don't make the rules.

I have three tiny birb pendants left! I've got enough bronze chain left for one (the store ran out), and silver coloured chain otherwise (or no chain if you rather).

$7 USD each which includes worldwide shipping. :)

Message me to buy.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Dog photo 

I had to say goodbye to Handsome Neighbour friend, as I now have the wonderful Gary, AKA Smol Canine Nephew staying with me.
Gary's humans are visiting family so I get to spend Christmas with him. He's looking a bit sad here, but he will cheer up when I give him some snackos.
He is a Very Good Boy.

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