I realise to some people 'having too many books' is not a real concept; however, I have too many damn !

Trying to find a charity to come take the 3 crates I've already sort, has proved well nigh impossible. Any suggestions?

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@QueenMollyBones maybe just join some Facebook group, if you're on there, and give it away to normal people?

@maloki Am not on FB and I need to shift them all at once. Not got the spoons to list them and send them in the post. I used to do Book Mooch but it was too spoon-consuming.

@QueenMollyBones no like literally we'd just be like "I need to get rid of all these books at once, anyone want to pick them up".

Maybe just make one of this posts here, with city etc?

@QueenMollyBones the original post is long lost by now, but I remember at one point something going around about how prison libraries are perpetually under-funded, could you possibly donate them to a nearby prison?

@balrogboogie oh I will look into it. Hopefully they'll be willing to come get them. Thank you for the suggestion.

@QueenMollyBones pretty much any library should take donations, but I like the prison library idea as well

@acdw Local library would take them, but I'd have to get them there. It's a good idea, yes!

@QueenMollyBones that is always the problem. I've got a bag of Goodwill clothes moldering for months too

@QueenMollyBones @bstacey maybe the local library. they usually collect books for book sale fundraisers.

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