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Dog photo 

I had to say goodbye to Handsome Neighbour friend, as I now have the wonderful Gary, AKA Smol Canine Nephew staying with me.
Gary's humans are visiting family so I get to spend Christmas with him. He's looking a bit sad here, but he will cheer up when I give him some snackos.
He is a Very Good Boy.


Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers #idevasw2019. It will be marked all over the world by remembering precious lives lost. Today of all days, please follow sex workers, sex worker rights groups & activists to support them & amplify their voices.


Cat photos 

As people seemed to like my handsome neighbour, here's some more photos.

Cat photo 

I might not have a cat of my own, but I do have my very handsome neighbour who comes to hang out with me when his family aren't home.

Would anyone like to buy this ergonomic right-hand collapsible walking stick for price of postage from the UK plus a bit?

It folds up really small and fits in a backpack, and it's very light. I just found one with a handle I like more. :)


I fell asleep again after my alarm went off & woke up at 11. Now I am too sad to get out of bed because I was dreaming I got a kitten & I am so disappointed it wasn't real.

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm disabled and I've been denied government support. I try to do my best to make money but it isnt always enough. My family has been screwed by the government more recently so it's even worse now and I'm having to pay even more money I don't have for stuff.

I'm going to be short on money to pay for bills and food and stuff for the next week or so.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Free Catalogue of Indigenous Movies 

Hey pals. There's a list up of movies by indigenous peoples that everyone can watch, for free!
I encourage my fellow academic friends to find ways to include these works in their syllabi and give recognition to these artists.

This has really resonated with a lot of other disabled people but whew it has got the backs up on some allies (tho not here that I've seen)
If you're told you're making our lives worse and speak over us and carry on anyway maybe you're not such an ally 🤷🏻‍♀️

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why say "ladies + gentlemen" when u could say "friends + enemies"? it's so much more considerate towards all the non-binary ppl who want u dead

The Spoony Rainbow

A couple weeks ago, Dr. Arlene Taylor shared an infographic that I've come to think of as The Spoony Rainbow. Dr. Taylor called it 'Escalation Curve Dynamics', which is a very descriptive title, but not at all catchy and way too many syllables for me when I'm having a bad day. So I call it the Spoony Rainbow.

Dr. Taylor presented the Spoony Rainbow as being for autism, but like Spoon Theory was created to describe lu

It's that time! Time to move off Social once and for all . Any recommendations for a new home instance would be appreciated very much.

Health (-) ME/cfs, (also mention of good things) 

Last Saturday, metamour & myself had a joint Birthday/Yay- everything-doesn't-suck-as-much-as-last-year party.

It was so, so good. I met some friends of partner & meta that I haven't before, & spent time getting to know newer friends better. Also caught up with ppl I haven't seen in ages b/c I never leave house.

The result of this fun is the inevitable PEM that's now hit me. Totally worth it though to be reminded this illness isn't all I am.

"You are the chosen one."
"By what criteria? What talent, what heritage do I have to mark me as the chosen one?"
"None. You were chosen because you are willing to take instructions and work hard."
"Will that be enough to succeed?"
"No. But it will improve the odds immensely."

Asking for money :boost_ok:​ 

I need $145 again, since I need to pay for transportation to and from Therapy on Thursday morning, and then I have to go do food shopping on Saturday (Friday is my yearly evaluation with the group home I am in, so I cannot do it then.)

$45 for travel to and from my therapist's office, and then $100 for my food shopping and travel to the grocery store.

Please help me out if you can:

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty



#TransCrowdFund #CrowdFund

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