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Secret Little Haven is now available!

Secret Little Haven is a game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet!



i love the icon for disk cleanup on windows

remember to brush your hard drives everybody and give them lots of scritchies

More Kin Rambling 

I think that getting species affirmation/validation from others is so helpful for me because it’s one of the few practical things I can do to alleviate species dysphoria in reality

But maybe that’s not healthy long-term. I really want to find other things to do that can have the same effect

you ever think about how weird the licensing for WB's animation has been over the years? Hanna-Barbera has been syndicated to like every network with a pulse, and Tiny Toons & Animaniacs aired on Nick despite WB owning TWO cartoon outlets at the time (CN and KidsWB)

Who called it "Pinkie Pie x Twilight Sparkle" and not "Pinkie and the Brain"

I'm uncomfortable with this kind of episode because I have become jaded about the efficacy of the voting system to enact changes that would actually do the necessary work of dismantling the capitalist system, but hey, it's a kids' show, and that's a really complex topic

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I just saw a post about pandemic deaths in WA state and now the fear of death is now fully dawning on me ;;o_o

(That'd be a tall order anyway, since Apple is so stubborn about Metal, and Wine/Proton relies heavily on OpenGL, IIRC)

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And until Windows manages to become viable and popular on ARM, the gaming industry isn't going to pay attention. I sure don't see Apple doing the work to do stuff like get Vavle to remake Proton for M1 Macs, so this is all on MS.

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The biggest issue to an ARM rollout on desktops right now is that Microsoft fell flat on its face with its attempt, throwing out the Surface Pro X with hardly no developer support and lukewarm commitment to future ARM Windows machines. Even the x86 compatibility layer sucked.

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It sounds like Unity is already going to support the M1 chip for the editor, which stands to reason that you'll be able to build for it, too.

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It'll be really interesting if Steam ends up adding in ARM CPU support, as that'll likely be the key factor in encouraging game devs to compile for ARM. It's really hard to distribute games without an accessible platform to release on.

Otherkin Feels 

Gosh that was like... 8 years ago or so? I remember when I came out as trans I tried to repress my kin feelings because they felt basically identical to trans feelings and I worried that one would invalidate the other lol

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Otherkin Feels 

Fun Fact: Pony was my first kintype back when I first learned what nonhuman identities even were

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