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Secret Little Haven is now available!

Secret Little Haven is a game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet!



It’s just really fussy and doesn’t seem to let you manually adjust the sync so you just have to kinda keep mashing the sync button on the TV when you start a game and hope it eventually locks on

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The sync on this PVM still only kinda works, but I have gotten it to work with a few cores on the MiSTer!

I think I might need a sync stripper but all of the solutions I have found require a lot of soldering

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The PVM I got off of Craigslist ended up being EXTREMELY fussy about sync - most stuff I throw at it just won’t work at all and becomes completely desynced or oddly only becomes coherent when sync is turned off >~<

Any suggestions on what to do?

Dawn's Pokémon Platinum outfit is the best outfit of any Pokémon protagonist, don't @ me

I really hope we will get *some* new additions - it'd be pretty boring if it was just a vanilla remake

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And does this mean we're not getting any stuff from Platinum like the Battle Frontier island? What new stuff would even be added if this is getting outsourced?

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Let's be real, Sinnoh is a pretty poorly-laid-out region, and the Pokémon distribution and level curve is very inconsistent. How will the Pokémon distribution even look like now that we can't expect every Pokémon to be present?

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Huh, apparently the Diamond and Pearl remakes were outsourced and are going to be very mechanically faithful to the originals. I'm... a little worried about that, because I really was hoping they would have the hindsight to fix a lot of the big issues that D&P had. :/

I found an old unofficial Pokémon strategy guide I used to have and I forgot that this was in it

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