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Secret Little Haven is now available!

Secret Little Haven is a game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet!



TIL that if you try and play an NTSC DVD via a PS2 SCART cable, it ignores the system color space settings and just uses YPBPr

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Did you know that if you hold a PowerBook G4 Aluminum’s screen up to the light, you can see the Apple logo shine through from the other side?

I thought they just worked like wire twist caps - I didn't know you were supposed to like, unfurl the wire and fold it back on the inside of the banana plug cap??

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I just realized that I had been using speaker banana plugs wrong this whole time, and now I feel very silly >.>

I can’t help but picture prosecutor Payne/Auchi from Ace Attorney as being voiced by Wallace Shawn

Still absolutely lose it every time I remember that there's a Scorbunny plush where he has lil' jammies ;w; <3

There's a Paper Mario fan game being made called Wish Upon Abyss and oh my gosh the new partner characters and NPCs are adorable?? :D

I bought a Pokémon Pikachu 2 on eBay but when it arrived, the screen had suffered serious burn, making it unusable. Has anyone heard of a way to fix this on this device?

It’s still a lovely poster, but the fact that it’s not mounted flat really bothers me - I was very excited to frame it and have proper wall art >.>

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