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Secret Little Haven is now available!

Secret Little Haven is a game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet!



Does anyone have recommendations for replacement DS Lite button pads? Mine got mushy way faster than expected, so I'm interested in ones that are as close to new stock OEM parts as possible.

There are a lot of shoddy-sounding ones on Ebay, so it's hard to tell without reviews.

It's super weird that I've never encountered a natural shiny Pokémon in my hundreds and hundreds of hours across every generation of the series

(Okay there was like one time when I *might* have accidentally fainted one but I was grinding and was also too tired to tell for sure)

I've been using my laptop a lot more lately since my apartment seemingly has electricity issues running a desktop and AC at once, and I'm surprised how little I've missed my desktop. The laptop has been way more versatile and I don't need the extra power for most tasks.

BTW, if any developers want to use this logo for projects, feel free! I would appreciate attribution, though!

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I personally think the simplest one works best as a logo, but I included the more complex ones that are more faithful to her actual character design.

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So that whole Tux vs. Xenia debate over the Linux Mascot title got me thinking

I like Xenia as a character but she's not exactly mascot-y. Mascots should be distinct in silhouette and have a logo-able design.

So I decided to try making a Xenia logo! 3 different kinds, in fact!

Like if you think Black & White wasn't the change that this exact critique seems to want, then it makes me suspect you weren't really paying attention.

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I get the sense that many people who say "Pokémon never changes up the formula" are the type who don't play the games in the first place, or just don't like JRPGs as a whole, and thus want something that's anathema to the series' mechanical & visual identity.

Oh gosh
I’ve never been an MMO girl, but in middle school I remember desperately seeking out one that let me play as a catgirl and was also free so my parents wouldn’t know, so I played Trickster Online and just sorta savored the feeling of playing the character :P

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A few months later my dad sent me to a boarding school and I was so terrified to use the open-area shower in the boys’ dorm I was put in that I just... never showered. It was a weird time for me. o_o

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Gawd like this was the period where I wore a hoodie constantly for reasons I at first glance thought was just chuuni daydreaming nonsense, but was really just me trying to hide my body.

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Moral of the story is that young Tori was full of genderfeels and also not very smart. Now I’m just not very smart! :P

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