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Victoria Rose

For the longest time I confused Sum 41 and Crush 40 and even now they don’t feel at all incongruous

Guess who just put in a super-secret-extra hidden character into SLH that no one will ever find? >:3e

Today's gonna be good! I had a great time with friends last night, and I'm gonna get work done today and be productive! ^_^

I really wish Unity would keep a log of the names of each script attached to an object so that when one somehow gets deleted, I at least have a clue about what it was. >.>

On the bright side, I got a lot done already today. I was able to get my replacement car for the one that got wrecked, for one.

Got some more job rejections today. Maybe this strategy of applying to everything at once isn’t working out.

@kara @chr
cis: I can get smart sunglasses that link to my activity bracelet and the frames change color by how many steps I've done today!

I really hate logging into my old doctor’s website because every single time, it forgets my password and I have to start all over again.

every goddamn sci fi story that is set in a future where you can download yourself into arbitrary bodies completely fuCKing misses the point by having everyone waltzing around in vanilla ass human bodies



Does anyone have some suggestions for cute, pastel-colored videogame/anime-related Redbubble stickers?

I apparently don't know how to spell Touhou names properly

I was just informed that the King of Fighters character Momoko exists and you need to see her fight animations IMMEDIATELY

Whooooops I went back to test day 1 of SLH and everything is broken now 🙃

*sigh* At least hiring staff are turning me down within a matter of hours now instead of stringing me along for months on end with no word.

My amazing lovely sweet wonderful girlfriend got me these flowers yesterday for Valentine's Day and gosh I love her so so much~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Even though I have a free pass to GDC, iy looks like I won't be able to go because no one I know is carpooling down there and I can't afford transportation...

I still really need help getting down from Seattle to San Francisco for GDC! Any help would be greatly appreciated!