Currently watching When Marnie Was There and crying over all the sweet adorable lesbian energy in the movie ;w;



I'm so tired of having the rug yanked out from under me like this. I'm tired of having to accept countless compromises in order to find breadcrumbs of mainstream queer media. I'm tired of imagining the messages this media sends to young people discovering their queer identities.




Just like... can someone recommend me a sweet, fluffy, lesbian anime that is not male-gaze-y (And on another note, that doesn't try and sexualize underage characters)?

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@QuestForTori there where sexualized thing in there? o.o

sorry, really didn't notice em.
ace problems, I guess👻

@demisapiens there was that whole episode with the two elementary school kids getting reeeeaaallllyyyyy creepily grope-y with each other

And there's the thing with Lucoa and the kid who summoned her...

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