@QuestForTori I'm still mad that from talking to friends who play in other languages, the gay is *notably* toned down in the English dialogue for this event compared to... seemingly every other language the game has

@jess @QuestForTori like i’d done the event and thought the ‘just friends!’ stuff was bad, but knowing it’s gayer in other languages makes it worse

@jess @QuestForTori People are bugging me about sources, do you have anything I could pass along?

@pettancow @QuestForTori Not easily since my discussions of it were through private chats, but I'll see what I can do (if I can dig up the actual script itself somewhere, that'd be ideal, but hopefully not the only option)

I can't really get into ff xiv but fedi makes me want to try again, frequently

@QuestForTori I'm a cis het man, and I'm all for this. Probably explains why the community is better than other MMOs I've played.

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