The term "egg" is a very useful term to for trans people to retroactively describe our past selves. It is also useful in the abstract sense, and having a shared language brings the community together.

The line should be drawn at using it to describe actively-questioning people.

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@QuestForTori I basically operate of the level of "egg is fine but don't use it on/about people without their consent" which is a basic and fair standard imho

I don't care for the term, but it's a valuable tool for others and it's no skin off my back.

@QuestForTori I'm personally not comfortable with it, but's not a slur. I think people shouldn't be hassled for one using it to describe oneself.

I have a problem with people insisting OTHER folks are eggs but even without that term, it'd still be a problem. It's not "egg"'s fault.

@QuestForTori and like, I never lived a life where I was ever an 'egg' that 'hatched' but like... It doesn't take much consideration to realize that /not every trans person had the same experience/

@QuestForTori and honestly??? Anything that allows younger trans people to be able to explore themselves when the whole world is against them... I'm not gonna fight against that.

@QuestForTori 💯‼️ you wrote the best, clearest "egg" take on the internet.

i initially hated the word because i didn't think it described pre-transition me particularly well, then found it useful shorthand when talking to other trans people about ourselves and came around a bit.

when it's used to imply that other people don't have full agency to figure their own shit out on their own schedule, that's the line.

@VyrCossont @QuestForTori it’s almost as if ... disregarding people’s self-identification and assigning genders to them based on the stereotypes we think they fit ... is Bad Actually

how could anyone in the trans community possibly have predicted this???

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