I should be angry that the market for homebrew game consoles is getting so crowded, but instead I can't help squeeing seeing this beautiful design.

I also love how they contracted actual game developers to make actual games, instead of counting on the community to make them for free, or including an emulator like most others.

The 400x240 reflective screen looks beautiful, and the whole thing is really well designed. I hope it will be an open platform.



I know of:

* Arduboy
* Gamebuino
* Pocket Sprite
* Pokitto
* Odroid Go
* M5stack
* Lameboy
* µGame (that's mine)
* PewPew (also mine)
* Adafruit PyBadge
* Adafruit PyGamer
* MakerCode
* 32blit
* MakeCode BrainPad Arcade

That's only counting the microcontroller-based ones, not the ones that just run Linux with an emulator on it. There would be another two dozen of those.

@QuestForTori GP2X is just a linux computer with an emulator, no? Arduboy, Gamebuino, Pokitto and 32Blit have their own games being written for them.


@deshipu yeah, but the Arduino is already a consumer-ready device. It already has a consumer function and these units are just buying some and repurposing it.

To me, it sounds the same as buying an off-the-shelf PC, installing SteamOS, and saying you've made a brand new game console.

@QuestForTori I think you are greatly underestimating how much it takes to make something like that.

I can talk from my own experience with the µGame — I still remember when I got the first sprite to animate, not being sure if it will ever be fast enough to actually make a game with this.

@QuestForTori In fact programming those devices feels a lot like programming the first microcomputers — you have absolute control, but the hardware is so weak, that you have to use a lot of tricks to get it working.

I didn't list any Linux or Android "consoles" precisely because of what you are saying — that's just a computer in a fancy case.

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