Cis People: I would be a shapeshifter so I could always hide who I really am

Trans People: I would be a shapeshifter so I would never have to hide who I really am ever again

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@QuestForTori and then being a fox I’d also shapeshift for the harmless prank potential

@QuestForTori me: I would be a shapeshifter because there's nothing that I 'really' am

@QuestForTori Throw in another shot for pluralities, if we could physically express more than my shitty ass face, I'm pretty sure we would

@QuestForTori Do cis people not know you can just decide to be someone better?

@QuestForTori (some) non-binary people: I would be a shapshifter so I no longer have to be limited by human form or to any specific human form, at least

@RavensAmbition @QuestForTori This is terribly on point. I remember as a Definitely Cis Hetero adolescent, I so desperately wanted to be a shaeshifter, mostly for the coolness factor of turning into a wolf, partly because that way I could grow a beard if I wanted, which I absolutely did.

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