Absolutely hilarious that Helltaker expects me to believe that girls who dress like this are straight

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@QuestForTori hang on what

isn't this a gay game? i thought it was a gay game

@00dani @QuestForTori alas

there's like, one piece of art that could imply one of the characters is gay if you want it to, but nothing concrete

alternative headcanon answer: the helltaker is a trans girl

@QuestForTori wow i love this game already and i've never seen it before

bisexual struggles, -? 

@QuestForTori Well in media bisexuals are evil and demons are sometimes portrayed as bi, so they could be still be into women and dress like that, AND get with the main lead.

@QuestForTori This is pretty much Mastodon: The Dating Sim, isn’t it?

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