So that whole Tux vs. Xenia debate over the Linux Mascot title got me thinking

I like Xenia as a character but she's not exactly mascot-y. Mascots should be distinct in silhouette and have a logo-able design.

So I decided to try making a Xenia logo! 3 different kinds, in fact!

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@QuestForTori These are awesome!! Do you mind if I reuse these? I will jot down your account for credit. ^^

@QuestForTori I really like these! the second is my favorite

@amandag @efi
someone requested efi make a site compiling xenia stuff i dont remember the context but here it is

@sireffe @amandag @QuestForTori it's been added, I hope it's ok? please tell me if anything needs a change~ <3

@QuestForTori I think the second one does the best job of being visually simple while still evoking the character. The third gets too busy and the first doesn't quite go far enough.

@QuestForTori I like number 3 most, as it has (to me) the most distinguishing features

@QuestForTori woah nice - even more tempting to make her the LF OS mascot o.o

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