@QuestForTori Pepsiman doesn't like to talk about his earlier work

@QuestForTori hello can I interest you in a copy of Apple's pre-OSX Game Developer Manual that I *mostly* managed to convert into PDFs

@QuestForTori Apparently the Tired/Wired thing originated in Wired Magazine in 1993, so this ad run seems pretty cheeky considering it probably also ran in Wired at the same time.

@QuestForTori The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Image description: A 1995 magazine ad for a Fujitsu 230MB cartridge where the competing formats are labeled as "TIRED" and the company's cartridge is labeled as "WIRED".

@QuestForTori so many high density diskette formats that are damn near unreadable now...

Image description 

@QuestForTori Magazine advertisement with titles “Tired” and “Wired”, comparing disk storage systems

@QuestForTori oh yeah, big time. i invented these things called "tropes"

they're like meta-memes.

@QuestForTori Er, "tired vs wired" was invented by the magazine Wired in the early 1990s. It was a regular feature in every issue. Hence... "wired". It is kind of remarkable that it is still around, as it was already hackneyed then (and here pressed into service by some ad agency).
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