There is so much sci-fi about high-fidelity 3D online worlds replacing reality but in real life everyone just seems to want minimalist webpages because they’re faster and require less engagement

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@QuestForTori i feel like that's a consequence of how badly the technology has worked and/because how badly it has been infested by ads

like, imagine 3D, in your face ads when you go search for a cookie recipe; as if the ladies life-story wasn't enough to go thru until you get to the actual recipe…

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Ads take up a lot of system resources. Throw in interaction- that's a tremendous sink in itself. Add in higher def graphics- at that point your system bricks.

General rule of thumb is quality over quantity. Lower def UI allows for faster performance. VR experience requires low-end detail interfaces everywhere else.

@QuestForTori And as appropriate for a cyberpunk future, we're getting VR from Facebook instead.

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