Secret Little Haven is now available!

Secret Little Haven is a game about a trans girl discovering herself through fandom, chats, and the early internet!



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@QuestForTori OMG!!! Are you the creator of Secret Little Haven?! Thank you so much for making this game!!! <3! Let me tell you that I totally love that 90s computer look with a cute touch, not only takes me back to my childhood but it is aesthetically pleasing. Makes me miss the Internet of that era. It feels like a cutified Mac OS 9 :). Also, I have that very same Imac G3 on the trailer, same colour and it's my fave computer of all time! 5$ that are more than worth paying :). Thank you again!

@QuestForTori You are more than welcome :). I loooove OS 9. I love classic Apple to be honest. Not so for modern Apple stuff. And I was really excited to see that Imac G3 in the trailer because it was the dream computer of my childhood. I always wanted to have one. Nowadays I have that very same model, very same color and I love it :). I still use it to play and do stuff, sometimes even to surf the web on Classilla. So it really hits my geeeky side ^^.

OS 9 lives!

@QuestForTori Looking forward to the hidden bonus part! ^^ After I get my hands on the game I'll give you my feedback and my impressions if you want :). '

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