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I'm migrating this profile to @glowbold - please feel free to follow there if you follow here!

"The Traveler," last piece I finished for the art show that I finally got around to showing online. My most major foray into an all-Posca illustration on gessoed board. Idea fueled during liminal hours. Original is SOLD.

I'm migrating this profile to @glowbold - please feel free to follow there if you follow here!


ok i've decided that im getting a septum piercing for my bday this year.

i wanna get a big 'ol hoop like Garu has tbh >,>'

job; anxiety (+-) 

ok i was anxiety spiraling over this, there are definitely changes i need to make but it's not Awful

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mh; job; medical (---) 

oh oh oh, and i also end up owing the company my signing bonus back, so at that point i just die i think

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mh; job; medical (---) 

oh and if i lose my job i also lose my shot at bottom surgery, so like, yeah.

im so scared.

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mh; job (---) 

oh fuck i reaaaaaly can't stand work rn, the anxiety is paralyzing me rn :(

i might get fired today, who knows

lewd art; nullpatch 


v1114, enjoying ver nullbulge <3



i forgot just how good naked snuggles could be, gosh

Hey y'all, are there any artists who do commissions here? Im in the mood to get more commissions of my owlbear sona!

i dunno if i should switch instances at this point cause like, i feel like ppl won't bother follwin me again vOv

intense i'm-a-synthetic feels from a WIP i got today uwu i can't wait to share it with y'all once it's done <3

You're not sure how a kobold got so small, but you're unable to resist the urge to put them into your pocket and let them peek out over the edge at the big, beautiful world.

is there any solid way to change instances on mastodon or is it still a "hope peeps follow new account" clusterfuck?


so, when say i am a toy, i mean: my existence is built around bringing joy and comfort to others & it is a task that fulfills me.

a joke, a hug, a shoulder to cry on; any way I can help people and uplift them is a moment i treasure and yearn for.

it hurts me most when someone is in pain and they turn away. happiness won't fix some things, but it makes them easier to face.

and i know i'm not perfect on doing these things, but, it's an ideal to strive for.

identity; tf art(sfw) 

There's a moment halfway between flesh and fluff, when one knows that it's right:

Hi, I'm a toy. 🎨

[ 🔀 from 🐦 ]

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