So, might as well...

I'm a programmer at Canonical, working on the Mir display server. This is somewhat unexpected; I was hired 7(!) years ago to work on the packaging side of Ubuntu - the desktop team - and was promptly put in charge of X.

Working on Mir is fun, when it isn't being frustrating! I even have my name on some Khronos specs!

I'm a husband, and father of 1.99 girls. They're not online in the same way I am, so I don't tend to talk about them much.

That's some of me.

Some more of me:

I did several years of a PhD in mathematics (ask me about exterior hyperbolic geometry over finite fields! Or, even better, about circles over arbitrary quadratic forms over finite fields!), but didn't finish.

I enjoy teaching, and did the first year of a teaching degree until I I found that even the nicest year 7 class in the first practical *took me apart*.

I'm interested in FP, but haven't managed to hack into Haskell. I'm interested in Rust, and have some toy projects.

@RAOF Haskell and Rust are two of my favorite languages :D

@Kasran I'd *love* to replace some of Mir with Rust. We're a pretty good candidate - needs low cost-C-and-kernel interop (thanks to GL), is in the security critical path, is really really handy if we don't crash :smile:

The distribution story of Rust is as-yet unfinished, though, and so I can't at the moment, even if I could justify it apart from that.

@RAOF yeah, it's still pretty new. someday, perhaps! for now i'm content hacking on glium and sdl2 making tiny game-type things with it.


@Kasran I'm hoping to get some time to hack on Conserve - at some point. That'd be both fun and useful!

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