@nightpool @RAOF @er1n @KitRedgrave@glitch.social oh, I'm sure people blame decentralised version control. But I think that's because for most people git *is* decentralised version control.

But git has a uniquely bad UI for decentralised version control - bazaar, mercurial, (monotone?) don't suffer the same flaws.

@nightpool @er1n @KitRedgrave@glitch.social it's not decentralised version control that's difficult, it's git. Git's UI is aggressively, *deliberately* terrible.

Like how it uses all the same command names as svn, but uses them for *totally different things*, even though the svn command makes perfect sense (checkout, revert, etc). Like how it pretends that revision numbers are impossible, or that the sensible default for β€œcommit” is β€œadd none of you work”. Like...

If people don't like copyleft because it limits their freedom, they should lobby against copyright.

Even when you disagree with his ideas, Rich Hickey’s talks are well worth a listen. I always learn something, and find I disagree less and less every time.

I’m normally in favour of type-driven design with static types for large programs, but I have to agree with his points here:


alpha male (n.): a man whose behavior is not considered stable enough for public demonstration.

In the interest of load-balancing it seems like it might be a good idea to migrate off the mastodon.social instance.

Because I like platonic solids, I'll be migrating here, to Icosahedron :grinning:

@unconed @Trev@icosahedron.website Said, of course, with the blissful ignorance of someone who doesn't know Ruby, and has many other neglected projects which would take precedence :grinning:

@Trev@icosahedron.website @unconed Yeah, protocol compatibility is a sucky problem.

A brief look at the OStatus protocol makes it look like forwarding, at least, would be reasonably easy.

Also, it seems that conformant (hah!) implementations should ignore extensions, so this *is* something you could just implement in Mastodon, the software, and it'd work for all Mastodon instances (plus others, as they update for the clearly awesome feature).

No ocean-boiling required!

@Gargron I *think* this is something we can help make happen ourselves? The keybase-proofs GitHub repository appears to accept outside pull requests...


@Trev@icosahedron.website @unconed Generally by setting up forwarding, which would be possible.

But the Mastodon problem domain is a little simpler, right, at least for now? The federation protocol can reasonably be revised (unlike SMTP), and the client endpoints can be assumed to be much more sophisticated.

Indeed, the current client appears to autocomplete @'s from the entire federation, so just migrating follows + prioritising your the people you follow in the popup would go a long way.

@unascribed it'd be good to get mastodon.social proofs implemented in Keybase. Looks like it's possible to do, via PR to github.com/keybase/proofs

@AmyDentata when I get my hands on my genome, I'm getting psychochromatic skin. There's no reason that chameleons and cephalopods should hog all that fun!

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