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1) Find out what crabs like to eat. Probably gross stuff.
2) Acquire lots of crab food and feed a lot of crabs
3) Befriend the crabs. Tell them your vision for a new government. Really sell them on it.
4) March on the seats of power with a motivated crab army of friends and true believers
5) Chase out the scum with your seething wave of claws! (Once you've chased out the scum with yr claws, continue to step 6)
6) Set a date for free elections (and ban crab feasts)!

I'm writing on my phone because my laptop is way too heavy to haul around. It's cold and my hands are stiff 😱

Not sure how I feel about this app compared to other ones but I'm able to share it (essentially export) it as a .txt markdown or html file so I guess that's cool.

The @GetTogetherComm project is making an open source federated alternative to

You can already use their first instance ( but they need help with building the federation side of things, so that instances can link together and with the rest of the Fediverse.

If you're a coder and interested in helping, you may want to take a look at this post:

#OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS

It's so cold my feet hurt. I think my toes are shriveling up 😱

Oh, green water... oh that's pretty. Boy, I like that, just alive with algae.

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Lately I've been eating fruit (mostly apples because they're cheap) and I save the seeds and bury them. I really should have been doing this years ago but it only occurred to me lately that it's important to plant.

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Okay so now I'm caught up with all the James Bond movies 1962 - now.

I'm calming down from my panic attack and wishing I could concentrate on making the word count goals TwT

This has never happened to me before and I'm scared. Like I don't know what happens. Will the bank get my money back or what?

I haven't made chili in over a decade so I will have to research recipes. I don't even know what's in chili besides beans and more beans.

After some time with other distros and going back to an Ubuntu I think this was a horrible mistake. With some minor adjustments I can call any OS home but this is ridiculously tedious.

The maiden looked at the dragon's hoard. "It is certainly... not what I expected."
"One of a kind," the dragon said, sitting proudly on the pile of papers.
"You should organise it."
"Oh, thanks!" The dragon wrote 'organise this" on a paper and added it to the pile of to-do lists.

This year instead of buying new socks I really want to get a little potted, living Christmas tree. After a month of feeding it ice cubes I want to set it free and plant it somewhere.

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