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Spooky season is here and NaNoWriMo approaches! I wasn't able to do anything last year but maybe this year I'll be able to write something to be proud of!

I was too sad to be constantly checking the air quality but I checked just now and I'm not in the dark terror zone on the scale anymore!

People from work finding out personal or intimate details as simple as where and how you live is horrifying. It affects how they treat you, view you, and everything else.

Answering emails and digital correspondence is so embarrassing! (Avoiding in-person is so much easier). This morning I was asked to "give my lawn or front porch" as a pick up spot for the library campaign supplies and I had to tell them I didn't have a lawn or a front porch!!! x_x Now I'm afraid they'll have a lesser opinion of me.

I was afraid my neighborhood birds had all died but I heard them all just now chirping and chirrup-ing in the big tree outside. The leaves are very green and thick so they're hiding deep in the branches and probably okay.

By the way, Captain Janeway is the best captain. You can't change my mind!

Clothes (mine and the neighbors') clothing keeps getting stolen from the apartment complex's community/shared washer and dryers so now 100% of my clothes are thrift and secondhand. Now I won't feel as bad if something goes missing! I have really ugly shirts so if they get stolen I'm guessing the culprit was in real need and not just a mysterious thief.

This train of thought is the possible draft of something for this year's NaNoWriMo. Terraformers but they're planting only cactus and succulents.

If I ever win the lotto I'm going to plant 1 Million Palm Trees and 1 Million Cactuses.

20MillionTrees and 1TrillionTrees are great initiatives. So are NoLawns and other campaigns for native plant species but seriously there should be a "Plant 1 Million Barrel Cactuses" event in California.

I want to get into embroidery (to patch and upcycle some old clothes with) but first I have to look through three craft supply boxes to check if I even have the appropriate needles.

I led a choose your own adventure once and participants chose to fight the monster with the help of a pack of teenagers. I think about that a lot because it could go down a number of ways. Protagonist and pack of teens all bean the monster with cans of soda until it dies? They lead it into the mall fountain then drop an electric generator in with it? Making games is complicated!

Someone said my music was too melancholy so I have to try and compose happier tunes today!

In the process of working on my final project for the online course I'm taking! Basically it'll be about a scuba diver who needs to solve puzzles in rooms before his air runs out. I have high hopes ๐Ÿ˜…

Unity froze my computer so I guess I'll think about how I'm going to complete this project while I wait.

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