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I just said "open sauce" instead of open source 😅

I finally applied again to Cartoon Network today :,)

Day two of wearing new glasses: ocular headache is sort of terrible and my eyes are watering a lot. I haven't had new glasses in so long I don't remember what it's supposed to be like. Internet consensus says it can take up to two weeks to adjust to a new prescription but I'm a big baby and I feel awful.

New glasses finally arrived but I can't really wear them until tomorrow after I wake up because I've already been wearing my old pair for a few hours. It's been so long since I've had glasses I'm nervous about the prescription being right. Things looked funny when I tried them on briefly. I love zenni (first time trying) though and my eyesight has been poor lately.

CNS Academy is accepting applications again so I'm going to prepare to apply again (I was rejected last time, and Nick Artist likely rejected me this month since I heard nothing). I feel like I'm pretty good and yet I haven't gotten any call backs from any studio :( it's disheartening but!!! Maybe THIS time! It's always worth a shot to try!

Me, as the tiger balm starts burning: AHH SWEET RELIEF!!!

I haven't had internet in 5 months so my computer (the tower) needs an update. I have to figure out how 😅

I don't know if I did the math wrong but anyway the computer froze and couldn't finish downloading or installing anything.

This update is going to take about 15 hrs on my connection speed of ~70k/s 😭

I feel tired after all I've been through but I can't relax yet. The last time I decided to relax, I received that eviction notice so I've decided to stay tense/brace for impact for the rest of my life.

When the deadline is close and the team leader is slow to respond (1-2 weeks on average to reply slow) they don't respect the team's labor or how long it takes to do anything. If time is important then prompt communication is important.

So! Got paid for the graphics eventually but client gave me a long email to say they wanted it to look "more like [insert art they found somewhere]". THEY approached ME pretending they liked my current work. I had given examples of my graphics when they started asking me to draw differently. They assured me that they wanted my art but clearly didn't. After I referred them to artists with the aesthetic they desired they pressed me to do it. The close deadline and disrespect is not worth the pay.

It's not all doom and gloom though! There's still a chance that I may get an internship or get hired on somewhere. If it doesnt happen I will be teaching a little art class this fall. Life goes on regardless of obstacles.

I bleached the mold under the sink. It is somewhat more habitable already. I can't seem to find my allergy medicine anywhere. My lungs are tight and burning. I have the door open as well as the window to try to air it out. I'm very tired and I hope I don't get sick from all this. I just want to live in peace so I want the landlord to be kind and leave me alone 😅 at least until the day I earn enough income to buy a house so I don't have to live under a landlord's thumb again.

Yesterday at five I was told that I needed to vacate the temporary unit by Monday, so last night I carried my tables and shelves down and moved back into my studio apartment. The bathroom sink is broken and the kitchen sink leaks. My stove does not appear safe to use so I won't use it. Putting in maintainence requests seems to put me at risk for eviction so I'm trying to live as inconspicuously as possible. I'm too tired to move again and too tired for a fight until wholly necessary.

By this weekend I'm supposed to be able to move back into my apartment and mid-month the landlord inspects things to decide whether I get to stay or not. Even with all this going on I really want I look at more Blender tutorials, sit down, and work out animation models. Life is so full of obstacles anyway I feel like waiting for the perfect time to work on anything without distraction is just impossible. Why not crank up the difficulty level, it's difficult anyway 😅

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