Charging my phone and tablet in a cafe but I'm not having fun because it's cold and I can't stay here forever. I wasn't prepared to not be able to depend on my freezer or my stove.

@RAPIDPUNCHES 🙁 Do you know what caused the outage? Any idea how long it will be?

I have a gas stove and was unhappy to find out that you can't turn on the oven when the power is out because it has some kind of "safety" electrical controller. 😠 At least I can use the burners.

@leadore The weather's been harsh. I imagine the wind knocked a tree or a branch onto something. They gave an estimate at 6am it'd be fixed by 9am then when it wasn't they said it'd be fixed by 11. The damages must have been extensive. I was caught off guard so I didn't even have batteries for my dying flashlight. I'll have to be better prepared later in case there's more storms this winter!

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