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I'm submitting a new program proposal soon to teach a class on 3D sculpting. Hopefully all goes well! If they accept my terms, and if the class is a hit, then I get a shot at a more permanent position. It's a little ways away (for the summer) but I'm so nervous. I'm prepared though!

Meshmixer and Sculptris can both run on Linux thanks to Wine. I can continue working on projects now!

SCULPTRIS RUNS ON LINUX VIA WINE PERFECTLY!! I can definitely work with this.

As a perk, volunteers get to use the machines a lot more often than the regular public so I've now mastered vectors in CorelDraw and Inkscape. Plus the Epilog Laser Mini and its many settings is no longer scary. I've made a lot of things but I wish the computers weren't so terrible. They freeze and crash almost all the time for no reason. I hear they might open more makerspaces in our other libraries if they receive more funding. I hope so!

Krita has been really good to me lately. It's really strange working on it because I'm so used to GIMP. Editing is much easier in gimp.

is such a good program! I don't know who specifically made this Ink tool but bless them. I've been using it over ten years!

I was using my old STAR03 to draw the past few weeks (months?) during commutes on my laptop after giving away my G430S to another artist in need for Makerspace (necessary, they were struggling and very sad).

Now the new G430S has arrived!!! Just in time, as I was between a malfunctioning Wacom and that STAR03 with the growing "dead spot" in the middle where it didn't read strokes or pen pressure.

XP-Pen is sturdy, I'm just very hard on my equipment because of all the travel.

These language learning apps are relentless with the notifications. They're kind of aggressive too but even though I've crammed a lot of lessons I'm not far enough into them to uninstall yet.

48mg of caffeine whew! I have a lot of work to do so I hope this sad version of a "matpakke" holds me up! No time delegated to any meal prep or clean up.

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