Now installing/building Synfig Studio and Pencil2D. My laptop probably hates me but I need to familiarize myself with the UI. I already am familiar with various other programs but need to look at whatever else I can to better help those who want to use them. I forget sometimes that it's a skill to know how to "jump in" to programs and figure out how to use them from knowing how similar ones do. Regular people don't search menus so the most important functions have to be visible to be accessible.

The best time I've had looking for employment so far is from non-profits so I'll probably widen the search for internships and volunteer work later by looking for more of them when I've completed the six months for the library and the eight shifts at freegeek.

Trying to install OpenToonz right now and really pushing the limits of my poor old laptop. My LED monitor at home is currently dying (it has this weird off-color look with a lot of lines). My days of meeting the minimum req. are numbered but I am hopeful.

I haven't updated in a while so here goes! I am scheduled to teach two art classes at the public library. I convinced them to get drawing tablets.

After that I'll be in the hiring pool for a great chance at a permanent position when they open more Makerspaces (for STEAM - sci, tech, engineering, arts, math).

I am also scheduled to work at a non-profit for recycling and refurbishing computers (after 8 shifts I earn a free computer). If I like it there I might be able to teach Linux there.

Hello Fediverse,

What is your opinion of the search site Ecosia? How privacy-conscious is it? How green is it?

#SearchEngines #AskTheFediverse #AskMastodon #Ecosia

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Also, the cost of learning and applying information of say web design, you will have to cover the cost of a host, a domain, ssl, vpn, server whatever... so what can you do? I used to "work" next to another programmer in a cafe and he would call around asking people he knew if they had an old phone lying around to test the app he was developing on (I think he ended up having to buy different used phones from ebay). There's plenty to do for free then you hit the wall.

I think the most painful thing to realize is that higher education costs money. Like even if someone decided to learn coding from books and online resources (even ruby, php, or whatever) they'd still have transport costs (to get books or groceries), internet, a computer, and an outlet to plug into. They need food to eat while they're studying and a roof over their heads at night-- that means money for rent which means a taking a job that takes time away from studying to accrue.

A friend of mine lost his job (the one who wanted game graphics) but he's got some savings to live on a little bit while he makes a big push on his personal project (making that game). That's the ninth or tenth person in my life who has lost their job that I'm aware of this year. If one can't find work, work has to be made, but it has to be worth it to do. Working smarter and harder seems to be the only path currently. I wonder about how to find the motivation to fight when you're down.

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Phone interview went well! Now I just concentrate on making the class successful.

My phone interview is in one hour!!! Hope it goes well I'm terrible at these!

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