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#Librem5 is a privacy-conscious smartphone made by Linux laptop manufacturer @Purism

It runs on GNU Linux (*not* Android). It comes with PureOS by default, and you can install other forms of Linux if you prefer.

The modem is separated from the CPU, and there are kill switches for the camera, mic, wireless and modem.

More info at:

Preorders at:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Smartphones #DeleteGoogle #DeleteAndroid

#LibreOffice is a privacy-friendly free open alternative to Microsoft Office. It's a suite of apps including a word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation app, database editor, drawing app and maths formula editor.

It's compatible with all major document formats including Microsoft.

You can download it for Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website:

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft #Word #Excel #PowerPoint #WordProcessing #Spreadsheets

This week I finally found a replacement bulb for the burnt out one in my salt lamp (at Home Depot). Apparently salt lamps use bulbs with a candelabra base.

The reason why I'm reading into pH levels of things is because my skin doesn't heal very well since it ranges from neutral to base, and I've had to start bathing in vinegar to build an "acid mantle". I've also been using honey (instead of neomycin or bacitracin) to put on random lesions. Eczema is terrible :blobugh:

Today I learned honey is acidic, with a pH like 3 - 6 (for reference, vinegar including apple cider vinegar is like 2 - 3).

I also realize that it may be my file manager/explorer if not completely a threshold issue. I'll have to do more digging later to see if there's an alternate one that will let me preview .xcf files and etc. Or one that has a plug-in.

What I've found out in my quest to recover all the art I've made this year and salvage any orphaned/abandoned WIP is that my computer only generates previews for files of a certain size. If the file is too big, there is no thumbnail generated for it!!! All my files are too big! I need to find a way to fix this.

Either I painstakingly open every file and turn off visibility on all the layers before I save, or increase the threshold so I can get thumbnails for files up to 15mb - 25mb at least.

I have an aloe vera plant and a small tree in my home currently but I could always do with more houseplants I think! I should make that a goal this upcoming year, to have more plants.

I have been indoors so much because winter hurts but I miss nature.

I've heard good things about the "pomodoro technique" for time management. Found an app for it I'm going to start using.

Another whole day passes where I've forgotten to update my C.V., my resume, write a fresh artist statement, and update my portfolio, blog, and website. Here's to trying to accomplish those before the month is out.

My old apartment building was renovated into a luxury apartment complex (they ripped out the carpet, took down walls and expanded each unit) and the rent there rose 300%. I suspect a lot of apartment management companies are working hard at doing this to all the properties they own.

I've waited to see if was going to start building affordable apartments but the last few years they've been building luxury lofts and condos by the waterfront instead.

I had just completed the paperwork they wanted for the last three years when they called me in claiming my papers had gone missing and blamed it on previous managers.

They're trying their hardest to evict me though I've never been late with the rent and I've never had the cops called on me once for disturbing the peace. I don't need this right now. I don't need to live in fear of being homeless.

I'm allergic to eggs but all the cookies and pies I've been seeing lately look so good.

The Turtle Reaper is extremely slow. Now you know why turtles live such long lives.

If anyone has tofu frying tips now is the time to tell me because I've never prepared it before and my current plan is just to fry it in oil (or bake?)!

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