In order to we have to first. Both of them need to go because neither of them respects the document they swore an oath to preserve and protect. so that we can . McConnell is yet another officeholder who should never have been allowed to run for office.

The latest deaths to food contamination can be laid directly at Donald Trump's feet. Sprinkle that on your next salad.

Why voting Republican is a fool's errand, and why voting Democratic is a matter of self defense. These are the facts, people. Take them or leave them.

This is not business as usual. Yet our politics proceeds as if it is. Slowly, Trump has accustomed us to behavior that, at any other recent time and with just about any other politician, would in all probability have been career-ending.

How much is Donald Trump spending on internet ads? Surely I'm not the only one being barraged by the Orange Hate-Monkey's propaganda. It's wasted on me anyway. How much, and out of which pockets? There's some investigative journalism that needs doing. Oh, and

No one trusts this lying son of a bitch, but they're happy to make money off of him. Birds of a feather, I guess.

The testimony today revealed that these kinds of effects were explained to the Trump administration officials who wanted to carry out these policies, before they put the policies into force. This is 100% on Trump. Nobody else.

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