One of the most frequent questions we get is: Why doesn't Tusky support push notifications?

Because pushing to devices would require us to use proprietary Google libraries and to run a relay server. But we want Tusky to be pure FOSS (free and open-source software) and don't want to send any data to Google so we decided not to implement push notifications at this time. We are researching other possibilities to make notifications faster though.

@Tusky proprietary libs always give problems, which you cant fix yourself when you discover them. The fact that data is also sent, out of your control, makes it bad when the owners network hicks up, temporarily breaking your service.
I had that 48hrs ago with open dns service from - I had lost 2:45hrs worth of streaming time. All buffered because of my OBS setup, but never the less cutting me off from the few people who listen to my radio programming for that whole time slot.


@Tusky The only good thing for me is that real time interaction is not required for radio. So the delay was funny when I wanted to end the transmission, because it also took 2:45hr to empty that enormous audio streaming buffer 😎

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