Does anyone know of any decent free sample packs of instruments? Not like analog synths, though. Stuff like piano, organ, guitar, or bass. They don't have to be amazing quality or realistic, just free.

I've been watching Breath of the Wild speedruns and now I want to play the game again lol.

Took a break from FF12 to play Picross, but now I'm ready to go back and finish the last few things I wanted to do. Gonna get all the espers and then fight Yiazmat. Then I think I'll have done all the stuff I really wanted to do on my main file.

Everything in Its Right Place is a good song.

I started listening to Justice recently. Cross is great. Audio, Video, Disco is a bit bland but not bad. Woman is better than Audio, Video, Disco, but not as good as Cross.

I want the KORG Wavestate. It sounds amazing.

I'm simultaneously going through a shoegaze phase, and a house phase at the same time right now.

NAMM 2020 is going on. Can't wait to watch a bunch of videos on synths I can't afford.

I'm going back to old Reaper projects I have and they're so disorganized... I've really improved with having clean projects.

I finished A Wrinkle in Time. It's a good book.

any musician born after 1993 cant play... all they know is midi, use they daw, track chiptunes, plugin presets & lie

Playing FF12 again reminds me of how much I love this game. I don't even really know why. It just fits me perfectly and is really fun.

I ripped up the front cover of my copy of A Wrinkle in Time pitting it into my bag. :(

I have a bit over 3 dollars of Gold Points on the eShop, and I have no idea what to spend it on.

What are some obscure Game Boy games you like? I want to find some lesser known ones.

Anyone know of musicians who write love songs from the point of view of a gay man? I like straight love songs and all, but it'd be refreshing to have a gay one.

Been listening to Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson today. It's a great song. Shame that I don't really like the rest of the songs on that album.

As much as I love the Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro games, I do wish FromSoftware would go back to some of their older IPs and make new games for them, especially their non-Action RPGs. I'd love a new King's Field, Shadow Tower, Echo Night, or Armored Core game.

So far I'm enjoying Sekiro, but I think I like Dark Souls more. It has more environment variety from what I've seen of Sekiro.

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