I mentioned a remake of A Link to the Past yesterday and now I really want one. I love the game, but there's a lot of bad stuff that gets in the way of first time play-throughs. I used to hate it when I first played it.

My eyes are really irritated and dry this morning. :/

While this year's E3 was a bit boring, my highlights are PSO2 being localized, Panzer Dragoon getting a remake, and Breath of the Wild getting a sequel.

I should get around to playing Panzer Dragoon Orta sometime soon. Maybe after PD1 remake comes out...?

My Dark Souls progress is slow but steady. It's kind of an exhausting game to play, but still enjoyable.

Somehow I got into watching restoration videos on YouTube.

Bump to this question. I want to be able to record my Switch so I can stream fun games like Puyo Puyo Champions and Puyo Puyo Tetris and nothing else.

Photo of my CD collection from last summer vs. My CD collection right now. It really expanded.

What are good informational gaming/tech YouTubers?

George Benson - 20/20

A pretty good jazz/r&b album. Pretty easy to listen to.

Sylvester - Call Me

An OK album. It didn't really stand out much, but it wasn't bad either.

I just tried to hold my shield up like in Dark Souls.

In Splatoon 2.

Maxwell - Embrya

Fantastic album. Very soft and mellow sounding.

Something I do on my Twitter is have a thread of new albums I listen to, so I think I'll do that here as well.

I really struggle to write lyrics that aren't rap lyrics. Is there some way to improve my lyrical talents through practice, or is it just something that needs to click instead of practicing?

Mastodon is cool and all, but I wish posts weren't called "Toots". That's just a terrible name.

Insomnia is really cool, I like the part where it makes me unable to sleep.

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