@tcit woop woop ! Faudra pas oublier de modifier le README pour refléter la disparition du fetch/1 :P
(merci <3) (merci <3)

You are a xenophobic and greedy beholder, a toddler has managed to enter in your cave unnoticed, and he/she stands in front of you

@tcit ça vaudrait le coup que je me fasse un compte Framagit pour proposer une merge request et/ou une version majeure ?

@tcit oki doki. Parce que du coup je regarde à quoi ça ressemble à l'intérieur et heu, curieuse façon de faire le parsing. Genre, des regex ?? Et sinon, la dépendance sur HTTPoison :( :( On pourrais remplacer ça par un vrai parseur de HTML comme Floki, ça serait ptet plus chouette (et moins affreux) >_> et AAARGH les String.to_atom/1 partout alors que :"atom" ça le fait bien… ;_;

@tcit wesh, je suis tombé sur ta lib OpenGraph Elixir, tu la recommande encore ou c'était pour expérimenter ? :)

@milouse I don't know them but I'm sure you can get rid of it manually, or with the help of uBlock Origin

This is the universal language selection symbol, right? 文A

i so much want to make some "fediverse index" where you just reserve a unique username and link all your accounts and instances there (including birdsite - an evolution of the existing bridge)
and an aggregated global toots preview for an identity
and a way to follow other people's migrations entirely client-side and based on third party (so that even if an instance is permanently down you can still follow the new account)


Of course, you could NOTE that you're adding tracking, temporarily, to try to make the page more usable.

Honestly -- and I know this will sound cynical, but it's the truth, AFAICT -- but no matter WHAT changes, some people always complain, no matter what. You literally cannot do anything without upsetting some nonzero number of users.

I know that might seem like advocating inaction or apathy, but it's meant more as a reminder that humans overall deal badly with change.

I should be happy with just getting 1.6 out there but instead I am wrecking myself thinking about optimizing first user experience

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The only thing faster than the speed of light is shit flowing downhill.
-- Mike O'Dell

Antifa, Communism (-) 

Antifa is a movement that goes beyond Communism and it just pisses me off because AS USUAL FOR COMMUNISTS they want ideological purity.

You don't have to be a Communist to say "genocide is bad" for fuck's sake. Or are we seriously at this point where all Capitalists are pro-genocide? Give me a break.

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