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breath with me, and let us our config file format from YAML to TOML together


Client doesn't pay, and then, they try to make you feel guilty because things are going wrong.

Not my fault, consider learning about project managing and pay your bills if you want a good job.

" concilier sécurité et plaisir, lors des contrôles, merci de tout déballer"
Euh ça va le sexisme éhonté, Aurillac ? On a remplacé le festoch' des arts de rue par le championnat intercommunal de beauferie sur verre ?

It's actually pronounced [the ambient sound of a cityscape at some distance, muted by some sort of vegetation]

Scaleway completely lost the hard drive for the load balancing VPS, so all this bloody hour I've been reinstalling and reconfiguring it. Fuck my life

OK Mastodon, show me your power.

I'm in London.

Are there any places linked to Sir pTerry Pratchett where I could go?

(of course, boosts are welcome...)

The API should be fully functional right now. Web access might be limited, I am restoring the assets

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Fucking hell, Scaleway lost my box on which there was my irssi.
Back to another platform I guess


🌼 🐣 📃 😲

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