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i have so much hatred for every piece of media that has a basis of “what if *insert beloved kids media, often sesame street* but its edgy and dark because thats how the real world is” like jesus ppl rly be out here thinking thats a creative concept. get a life and allow things like goodnight moon and mr rogers neighborhood to keep a place of pure, good childhood memories in the minds of people who grew up with it. also its just a boring and unoriginal as fuck thing to base a piece of media on

is it gay to tell the girl u love that shes the yee to your haw

this apple juice is making my throat burn which is...real sad

my anxiety is rlly bad tonite boys
might break down n cry
might vore an entire fuckinv pot of pasta

tendrils tendrils tendrils? tendrils tendrils tendrils? tendrils tendrils tendrils? tendrils tendrils tendrils!!

Born in a mountain
Raised in a cave
Truckin' and Fuckin' is super gay

They will feed you so much pizza
That you'll forget about the rut that you are in

Strangely I see nothing wrong here, funny that. Perhaps, because it's fucking true.

i go a full year without having my lungs act up
i get ONE small cold and all of a sudden it's the end of the world

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