Mutations are a natural process. That's part of what makes evolution happen. We're all mutants even if it's not visible for most of us. There's something deeply uncomfortable about media who label monsters as "mutants".

If I'm ever getting married, I'm still not buying a dress that costs multiple hundreds of dollars and that I'm supposed to only wear once in my life. Screw that capitalist bullshittttttt.

I have like one person on my Twitter timeline who is getting married and linked to wedding dresses and I clicked on it cause I was curious about what they were looking at. Now I'm pretty sure the ad algorithms think I'm getting married soon.

I wonder if the brain of mensis was originally meant to be a boss after you drop it in the abyss

why does the game keep placing magazines to read in sections with an invisible timer

kara you're not supposed to let the police inside unless they have a warrant

rose is the only likable character in this whole game so far

question: why do androids cry? do they have tear ducts??

one artist modeled a really good plate of spaghetti and they're gonna use it damn it!

I'm shocked this exact sentence doesn't have a page on TVTropes

fuckin lmao they did the csi ZOOM ENHANCE on a screen where you can clearly see what the smallest pixels are

oh my god it's time for the choose your own MLK speach isn't it...

"Think carefully about what you're gonna say markus"

uh maybe yall should have written the speech ahead of time so everyone approves it????

it's like??? have you ever actually seen a heist movie?? You show the obstacles, then the characters explain their plans, then you show the plan going in motion and if you wanna spice it up you make unexpected things happen to see how the characters handle them

this isn't how you do a heist scene, david cage?!! you need to establish what the obstacles are and then show us how they plan around them!

the others literally just took the elevator??? inside the building?????

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