I already knew the vet was coming in tonight but once the news becomes official, it's just, a bit too much you know

On second thought I don't think I'm gonna stream.

I have sad news.
Today, Gilbert, our family's cat, passed away at the old age of 17. He was a very gentle and very sweet cat who never hurt a soul and loved sleeping on top of his humans. He left us peacefully.

We will miss him.

*walks up to straight couple*

So which one of you is the speedrunner and which one does the commentary from the couch?

Bad news: Jekk picked gun

also he's about to punch you

if you think about it, it's kind of weird that a lot of Real Time Strategy mechanics and conventions still used today were based on a novel from 1965

"Makto's revenge never ends" is great because it says so much in terms of mechanics but also in terms of lore.

I would like to point out a discrepancy, this is clearly not the same knife.

Just a regular singular jotun here, nothing weird going on.

The yeti are mischievous creatures who live in the mountains and my favorite thing about them is that they make snowmen and dress them like cowboys

Poaching Drake transforms a card into a 2/1 token and I love that you can see the Drake dangerously approaching in the token's background.

Dinosaur and birds are cousins so this isn't that weird.

The pun on its own is great but let's not ignore the fact that this is someone's fursona.

I swear to god j1mm1 this is the last time I fix yer leg!!

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