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Testing out uploading a picture with my ref sheet of course! Art by @/fleetwoodbrak on Twitter!

When will the snouts and the awoos finally merge. It's my OTP.
I miss you.

NSFW very horny, from my other Mastodon account 

Kicks from Animal Crossing is so fuckin hot, like damn he's got a great design.
Is it weird to want to make a skunk OC based off of Kicks to see my other fursonas fuck him?

Constant artist worry (being compared to cub works) 

So I'm in this constant state of "Wow this makes me happy, won't others be happy too?" And then I feel like people will get angry with me, for just drawing my dumb mouse superhero all cute and short because irl mice are small which is why I made my fursona a mouse in the first place.

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Constant artist worry (being compared to cub works) 

I love drawing, I did some sketches of Rainbow Rodent that make me happy, they're short-stack and adorable and I love them and I want to do more but every time I want to post them I think "Wow will this make people think I like cub?" And that makes me feel super gross and bad, because I just want to share what I made, I love cute stuff, but I don't want my work associated with cub. I don't want to draw bulging muscles just to make others happy.

Another reminder that I have moved to
I'll send out a few more reminders before I really pack this one up!

I just woke up and see something is going down on mastodon 

what's going on? changing instances? good? yiff.something furry?

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

Medical worries (good news) 

So my ears were super gross but now they are super clean and they're giving me ear drops just in case! Doctor said it was a smart idea to come in when I did so I'm gonna be alright!

Medical worries 

Last night wax built up in my ear, I tried to clean it but only made it worse. I got up an hour early, bought some cleaning solution which helped a lot for about a minute while I was at work. Now I'm on the bus heading to an urgent care just in case.
Good news: at least I got out of work early!

I gotta be more careful which posting button I press bwahahaha!

Please I beg of you:
Don't name your pets something like "Grandma".
Because if they get lost and you're running around calling out: "Grandma! Here Grandma!"
Folks might join in and have no idea you're looking for your dog. Like, come on.

Racism worries 

I really want to use my raccoon character, Kyros, more but as a black person I always get bothered when people decide to shorten "Raccoon" down to "C**n" despite me asking them politely not to.

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