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@AaronvanW does an excellent job of describing the current status of the LOT=true/false debate in regards to Taproot activation path, and why it's important. Recommended read.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #137 is here:

- describes the results of discussion about choosing activation parameters for a taproot - includes selected questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

With my current(!) understanding this looks like the most likely/most reasonable scenario (Bitcoin Core release with lot=false as default, without easy config option for the user; up to others to release a client with lot=true if they want):

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #136 is here:

- describes development of a new constant-time algorithm for generating and verifying transaction signatures
- mentions proposal to stop processing unsolicited transactions
- summarizes proposed BIP for setting up multisig wallets
- shares insight from a discussion about managing escrows over LN
- links to new discussion about bidirectional upfront LN fees
- mentions new protocol for mitigating risk of malicious hardware wallets

Nice and easy readable (non-technical) thread on op_return's:

- origin
- purpose
- pros and cons
- random tidbits of knowledge

Bank of Russia chairwoman (Elvira Nabiullina) on bitcoin:

"My attitude towards private cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, has not changed. And this price increase only shows the potential for volatility of such private cryptocurrencies. [...] There is interest in this asset, but the risks remain and maybe even intensify. The fact that this is a very volatile asset - how it quickly grows in price, in the same way it can fall - history has shown this."

New Joinmarket release (0.8.1): Basic PSBT support, yield generator config, signet and various bugfixes

A marathon of answering questions today in the Mentor Monday thread, which (unsurprisingly) is breaking its historic all time highs as well. Noobs stampede!

Maybe I lived under a rock, but this is kinda shocking news to me. A few weeks ago there was this talk about the "regulation compliant" (aka censoring) mining pools and the dominant opinion was that it was just talk. Turns out, it's already a reality which I was not aware of.

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From what I currently understand (still haven't made up my mind), it seems to me that BIP8 with "lockinontimeout = false" would be a reasonable way for now. Still need to read about it a bit more.

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After reading the overview, the arguments (on both sides) in this thread make more sense:

I'd recommend reading the wiki post first and then the thread for a deeper discussion.

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