From one of the obtained documents, titled "Meeting with Sweden's financial supervisor and environmental agency":

PoW versus PoS: Ethereum started moving PoW to PoS because of its community. Suggests that one could also migrate BTC from PoW to PoS. If Ethereum is able to shift, we could legitimately request the same from BTC. We need to “protect” other crypto coins that are sustainable. Don’t see need to “protect” the bitcoin community.

(name of the person stating this is redacted in the doc)

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German article describing internal documents/communication between EU politicians considering various ways of bans on Bitcoin mining (and perhaps even trading):

Seems like there are many more regulatory attacks to come

(De Vries seems to be involved too)

English version (google translate):

New release of JoinMarket is being planned soon. Before that there's now discussion about potential changes in fidelity bond settings. Even if you are just JM user, not developer at all, your opinion would not hurt here.

As far as I understand it, the tl;dr is that the entire communication between full nodes is encrypted

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Looks like a potentially big privacy gain for Bitcoin p2p network:

"BIP324 proposes a new Bitcoin P2P protocol, which features transport encryption and slightly lower bandwidth usage."

copying from :

Looks like the UK case against the Bitcoin developers, by CSW may have been dismissed by the court

> In conclusion, TTL has not established a serious issue to be tried on the merits of the claim.

I understood more than I expected! That's a pretty well made video, making it interesting and (somewhat) easy to follow despite the topic, well done @raw_avocado
and @waxwing ! Hope there'll be more in future.

"How to design Schnorr signatures"

- commitments
- challenge-responses
- binding & hiding
- non-interactiveness
- IRL usage
- history

Generally of course it's always a tricky thing to convert complexity into something beginner friendly without losing important information or adding further confusion.

The design looks neat so far, clean and nice!

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Not sure if I like the suggested x/100 "privacy level" metric, could be perhaps too abstract (don't know how it's derived though), but perhaps it's helpful for the targeted beginner-level user

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With new interesting privacy oriented software coming out (Teleport, Wasabi 2.0, Joinmarket Web UI etc) - if you are in need of testnet coins to play with them (or know legit testnet faucets that would like tbtc donations), lmk.. have some testnet coins to spare.

brief tryout of the new JAM interface for #joinmarket. Plenty of things to look at, one thing I like is in advanced mode, it now shows you a 'freeze' button for utxos:

Completely missed that there's an independent, working Joinmarket web UI implementation (albeit in alpha stage)!

The 12 btc fund seems to have been completely emptied (meaning that there were overall 24 btc coming over from r/bitcoin to The Giving Block charities!). Happy New Year!

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