Hey, I've got an account on the berries instance with the url @raindropsonwhiskers.berries.space if yall want to keep seeing occasional shitposts from me

:33 < cat facts are gay because cats are gay
did you know that if a cat falls asl33p around mew, a lot of times it means they really trust mew, and know you'll keep them safe, and if they stay up around you while you're sl33ping, they're doing the same and protecting mew

So today I found out that I could probably fall asleep in my shower, but I didnt because that "scares people" and "makes [them] think [I'm] dead" and "is socially unacceptable" which is biphobia at its finest

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

retoot this and I will give you One Present 🎁

hit or miss I guess I never FUCKING remember to switch my laundry over to the dryer

retoot if you love all bugs except ticks and mosquitoes they're banned for having the potential to ruin my life without provocation

i like it when people answer my questions!! getting to know my tootuals, or anyone who happens to pass my post . is nice!!

Death and murder discussion 

So apparently the new family drama is that my distant-ish cousin's husband uhhhh Killed a guy? And like, the cousins parents didnt approve of him cause he was much older than her and now thats just proving it? Hes trying to plead self defense but i dont think that really applies when you run a dude over and drag the body for two miles of the highway???

one thing I love about the tumblr purge is that everyone decided that homestuck was cool again and that we should do homestuck things casually if we find them fun
I haven't read homestuck and don't intend to but have fun! Don't forget to seal your body paint and stay hydrated, and don't be mean to anyone, and we're good!

Yall know that feeling when you do something and youre suddenly reminded of a dream you had once that felt like Super Vivid at the time and now you cant actually remember a) if it was a dream or b) if it wasnt, what caused it to happen because uhh I Do

i actually have a deltarune theory but it sounds so fucking shitposty that i dont know how to convey its half serious

sans, papyrus, and gaster are a bunch of paper mache skeletons that were hung up for halloween in the now-unused classroom that is the dark world

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possibly gaster fell off the decoration string and got lost

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have a good day

the good thing about being Me is that no matter who i like it'll be gay because i abandoned the gender binary years ago

our party has a room in our spaceship called "the blood room" and im not entirely sure why

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