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In the midst of my struggles with mental health, the making of this video has taken over half a decade of my life, but it's finally done. I'm feeling a lot of emotions that I'm not sure how to describe right now, but I hope you enjoy it.

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Watching EA flaunt their purchasing of Codemasters and their racing IPs, while also running Criterion into the ground and refusing to do another Burnout game is so fucking sad.

Kinda wish that it wasn't called the Steam Deck cos I keep accidentally calling it the Stream Deck instead lol

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The Steam Controller is already cramped in places before you get used to it, so I would've thought that swapping the left touchpad with a dpad would be a smart choice, but those mad lads gave the Steam Deck 2 sticks AND 2 tpads AND a dpad?!?! And it looks like it might work?!

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The Steam Deck has me wondering if what we've seen of its UI is an indicator of what's next for Big Picture Mode on other devices, as well as what that controller layout could mean for a possible Steam Controller 2.

I love the Steam Controller so god damn much.

I love the Windows 10 start menu. Spreading things out and organizing everything into segments means that any app on my PC is clearly laid out and just one click away. Live tiles I can do without, but segments, folders and resizing going away in Windows 11 has me furious. 😡

I recently modded my GBA SP with a new golden shell and an IPS screen and I'm super happy with how it turned out. It looks gorgeous in person. Looking forward with catching up on Metroid with this thing in time for Metroid Dread.

Thankfully, they aren't removing the 3D remakes from Steam (the ones that were originally on the DS), but comparing sprites and screenshots has me concerned that the FF6 Pixel Remaster is gonna look too much like the SNES original to call it much of a remaster.

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The existing Steam versions of Final Fantasy 5 & 6 aren't great, but with mods they can be transformed into the current best vers. of the games. SE removing the old vers. in favor of the Pixel Remasters means that the only way to play these incredible mods is going to be piracy.

Falk's doing some of these arrangements?! He's the guy that did music for Sonic Before and After the Sequel! Crazy to see fangame composers like Falk and Tee Lopes have their work performed by a god damn symphonic orchestra.

Tails: *exists*

Me between tears: That's him! That's my boy!

Anyway, I just finished Psychonauts and I really thought that, just maybe, this one would be different. That Raz could be a character that victims of parental abuse could connect with, but nope. Same old shit pops up right at the end. (Still a good game though.)

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...but people, especially kids ,need to know that, even if you do everything you can, sometimes these things just don't work out, and that's not something you should be ashamed of.

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There is absolutely still a place for stories about struggling families that turn out okay in the end (The Mitchells vs. The Machines does this sort of thing better than most)...

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Growing up surrounded by movies and shows telling me that the family you're born into is the most important thing in the universe had me feeling like there was something wrong with me for not getting along with my family. That I was all alone. That I just had to "try harder."

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I really wish that, just once, an abusive dad in children's media could not end up being a good guy after all who's just wants to protect their kids or something. Some family members are just abusive. Kids need someone to tell them that it's not all their fault.

(Also I've been streaming E3 stuff again this year but I haven't been tweeting when I go live cos I'm shy shhhhhh 😳)

The only thing stopping Limited Run's E3 thing being the best of the year so far is that most of the games they showed are already out in some other form. Still got some cool shit I've never seen before and was hilarious to boot. Almost wish I'd streamed it.

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