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"You can't ship characters X and Y! I ship characters Y and Z! Y and Z were obviously made for each other and character Y would never EVER hook up wi-"

Finished this months ago and forgot to post it lol

Here's the first full artwork of my main Sonic OC and fursona, Talky. I've got plans for some other Sonic OCs too, so I'll share more info about all three of them another time.

Also, Pokémon number 69 is Bellsprout and... let's just say I can see how that mouth might come in handy. XD

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On a whim I looked up what Pokémon number 420 was and I'm so fucking happy.

What a fucking tragedy.


Vicarious Visions (THPS 1+2) has been merged into Blizzard

VV will be "fully dedicated" to Blizzard titles going forward


Being a cartoon fan in Australia sucks. ABC can't put Bluey, their most popular kids show in decades, on Blu-Ray, CN stuff is either spread across 3 different streaming services or not available legally at all (lookin at you Infinity Train). It's like they're begging for piracy.

After so many years of the seasons being swapped, if feels weird to finally have an Aussie Summer Christmas in .

(Plus, it has the added benefit of giving the finger to Andrew Lloyd Webber's conservative politics.)

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