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Aye another .

I've been "blogging" and writing online since Geocities, on a whole slew of different platforms. I'm a proponent of open source and open web and decentralization and have been a tech enthusiast basically me entire life.

I don't have any particular theme but mostly post about , my excessive collection of , , and and related topics. General nerd shit.

I also have developed a meme level obsession with Ramen Noodles.

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Some of my other hobbies that may come up include , often , but not always.

I also have worked for the past 15+ years on the technical back end of television as a broadcast , cable head end technician and data center technician.

I sometimes do projects, though I am not really a professional dev or anything. I have dabbled in too many coding languages to name but these days it's usually web based (PHP, SQL) or scripting (Python, Bash).

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A feature of email is that my inbox is an immutable copy of everything I received no-one can change.

With email, I can prove I've been harassed, sent malware, wrong links, illegal orders by my employers, the date of an event I've missed because it was wrong and I'm innocent, etc.

With Google AMP, the sender will be able to "update" those emails and deny his mistake, hide proofs, fake the history.

This technology put people at risk.


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Funny enough, some other bits surrounding this scene were adapted for other scenes later in the movie. Envy kicking Todd in the balls, is instead the turning point in the final battle of the movie against Gideon.

I also find it funny that the dialogue about Envy's weak point is reversed, since in the book, Romona is fighting Scott's Ex (Envy) instead of Scott fighting Ramona's Ex (Roxy).

The Vegan Police still finish Scott v Todd, and Scott literally calls it out as a random Deus Ex Machina.

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Book 3 of Scott Pilgrim is where things really start to diverge with the movie. Its essentially this fight, which appears in the movie, but it was re-purposed and used as the fight against Romona's 4th Evil Ex, Roxy.

In the book, this fight is Ramona vs Envy, who has a lot more development in the books overall.

Roma is pissed because well, basically Envy is a huge bitch.

So as a bit of wrap up.

I opted to pay to have my Dolphin brought out to Robigo. I'll reconfigre it with the parts Instripped and put in my AspX, and just leave it there, for when I need to make quick easy money.

Then I can work on maximizing the AspX for scanning and jumping, and start just randomly system hopping around a bit.

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So I more recently also picked up an Asp Explorer (AspX) with my Robigo profits. From what I have read, this is a fairly robust "Goto" sort of ship. Especially for Robigo runs.

So far, frankly, I am not really impressed. The component slots are not ideal (one 5 slot, one 4 slot and some 3 slots) and it doesn't handle heat anywhere near as well as the Dolphin.

I kind of wanted to trick the AspX out more for long range trips anyway, exploring, with some combat readiness.

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Some things I have found about the Dolphin. It's component slots are well suited for passengers, with 2x size 4 slots and a size 5 slot.

It also is really great at head dissipation, maybe its something installed, but I never had it overhead and it could frame shift while fuel scooping.

My main gripe is I find the sleek design kind of ugly. I am just not a fan of that.

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A tale of two ships, in parts...

Fairly recently, I added a Dolphin to my small like up of ships (Sidewinder -> Adder -> Dolphin).

I outfitted it for passenger transporting, then took it out to Robigo. Robigo is a farther out, small mining colony, that has only one, close, destination for passengers. So you can make runs very quickly for pretty good money.

My main hang up was the Luxury boxes I had installed didn't hold enough passengers, so I had to downgrade them.

I just wanted to throw on this "before" pic, most notable is upright stance required due to how the head attached.

The upgrade kit adds shoulder fins, a new neck joint, a new chest and back piece, some shoulder bits and robot balls.

You know, like how he had balls in the movie, because Michael Bay has the humor sense of a ten year old.

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Another recent one, which came in months early from its Pre Order is this Power Rangers Pirantishead. I was never super into Power Rangers, but I do like the monsters from this line.

I only wish the mouth opened farther for better chomping action.

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In rexent acquisitions. I got this 3rd party upgrade kit for the Studio Series Devastator. I don't often buy this sort of thing but I really dig Devastator. Adding the bits took a decent few minutes. Unfortunately, one of the tabs on the shoulder fins busted.

I also still don't quite get how the head is supposed to properly work but at least the new little neck attachment piece lets this big guy get into a more hunched pose like in the movie.

I like Squaredle, but its much more just Boggle than a a Worlde-like game. 05/13:
35/35 words (+13 bonus words)

In today's edition of, "Last Night's Adventures in !

I have been digging through guides and decided I needed to better outfit my Adder (turns out it is already pretty ok from years ago). I looked up a good system for parts, it was a ways off but not bad.

Then, I ran out of fuel in a deserted system with an unscoopable sun.

So I got to call the Fuel Rats, which was impressively quick and well organized.

I tossed them a few bucks on their donation site as penance.

I shipped my BigBad Toy Store Pile of Loot that's been sitting around for like 5 months now, because an item was expiring.

I've been waiting for the Disney Ultimates Prince John figure to drop before shipping but it keeps getting delayed... and delayed... and delayed........

This of course means, Prince John will finally come in tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow.

These old Microsoft ads never cease to amuse. Heck, its not even really just Microsoft, old computer ads in general.

Everything is presented as so mindblowingly AMAZING!

It would be like an ad for Facebook, and some dude is like, "I can share this meme with all of my family at once!"

"All your family??"

"At once!"

I've reached a point where Fortnite is starting to get annoying, so I've been slightly aimlessly wandering between games again. One I keep meaning to play more that I have been playing quite a bit is .

There is quite a bit to do, and yet almost too much. I worry about not being efficient about things or getting my ship destroyed, probably too much so.

Or worse, getting lost and stranded.

Anyway, I really need to figure out how to take nice external Screen Shots.

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