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Y'all just gon go an pass by without sayin tiddy???

im the kind of person who just sits there tapping my nose with a pen because im bored until i miss and hit myself in the eye

Y'all really like to pass by without sayin tiddy 😔

Okay like Roxy is really fuckin cute and she make me big gay

@Ragdolly Is my favorite Nepeta because t)(ey are my moray-eel 💖♦️♦️💞💝💜💜♦️♦️💖💞💜💝♦️

Fuznzsn imagine being gay for a skeleton that is a ketchup gremlin

Okay Genuine not shitpost, but I want sans undertale to hold my hand, and hug me telling me everything is okay

Am I attracting more )(omestucks to my account, )(u)( whale I sea, W)(AL-ECOME TO MY ACCOUNT Y'ALL

Omg imagine not being a Homestuck
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Me being a homestuck??? In 2019, it's more likely then you think

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