concentration camps 

When we say ‘never again’, we don’t mean ‘never again a Holocaust’, or we do mean that, but we mean more. We mean never again the yellow stars, never again krystalnacht, never again the work camps. Never again the laws that single out a group for persecution out of fear and hate.

Because if you wait to say ‘never again’ until the cattle trains are rolling, you’ve waited too long.

"i saw antifa in the closet making milkshakes and I saw one of the milkshakes and the milkshake looked at me!” - Portland Police

I miss the arguing from twitter. Now who am I supposed to argue with? I don't have a bunch of conservatives telling me off.

Who am I kidding, I'm probably going to get kicked off Twitter soon for losing my shit.

I can't say what I want to say on Twitter. I feel like that Whitest Kids You Know sketch about what you can't say on TV.

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Shameful that Antifa thugs would attack an old man for... [checks video] assaulting someone.


On Saturday, June 29, ANTIFA terrorists beat an elderly conservative man with a crowbar on the streets of Portland, Oregon.




This is the country where anti-racist activists had dogs sicked on them for peaceful protests and America still hated them. This is the country where anti-war students were shot and America blamed the students.

Nothing we do will be as bad as what they say we're doing.

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White supremacy mass shootings BS 

Far-right group leader on mosque attack: 'I don't want anything to do with this kind of terrorism' |

How was he supposed to know supporting white supremacy would lead to violence? 👀

I forgot it was Usagi's birthday yesterday. ;_; I would have done more fan art of her. aw well.

Ever since I got new glasses, I can feel them on my face even when I'm not wearing them... Weird.

"Digital #Socialism" by Evgeny Morozov (now freely available) is a fundamental, if not even foundational, read on developing a #left political agenda for the era of "#bigdata". Absolutely recommended.

Apparently, being a part of the master race includes not knowing basic spelling.

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