Can I get a recommendation on here? If I wanted to learn app development, should I learn or ?

I never realized how undermined are until I went full time

Is there a way to report spam emails, spam/scam online businesses?

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Strange:(holds up a dog) Its inside this dog.
Thanos: (kills dog)ha, that was your plan?
Strange:Wait for it....
John Wick: Hey, have you guys seen my new dog?

I’m lost in the pages of steam looking at all the I want to buy, but don’t fit my budget

My girlfriend forces me to watch the bachelor and my background commentary is hilarious

Life is funny sometimes guys. You realize later in life that most things happen for a reason

Finally saw . Totally a great intro movie for him

Finally going to see tonight. Glad I stayed away from Social Media for a few days

For context I’m at the gym. I want to see what people who scream at the top of their lungs see after they’re done screaming. All these laughing faces aren’t cheerful faces cheering you on. Everyone’s making fun of you.

Monster Hunter World should just add all the old monsters

I feel like every gamer goes through the phase where they love consoles and then at some point in there life realise PC gaming is wayyyyyy better

Playstation network needs a complete revamping

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