I feel like every gamer goes through the phase where they love consoles and then at some point in there life realise PC gaming is wayyyyyy better

@Rantula and then the PC breaks and you can't afford to fix it and are suddenly glad you had your consoles still

@kellycrow I dunno, I've had this PC for like about 6 years and have constantly been upgrading it. Just semi angry cause I turned my PS4 on and the Update is an hour long. My PC updates games at a faster rate.

@Rantula I can't afford to constantly upgrade my PC. I love it but I'm coming off of a PC that was so old it basically collapsed in on itself and I had to get a new one from scratch. I'm capable of repairing it myself but sometimes it's nice to just not worry about that. But I live with someone who owns like all current gen consoles plus I have a gaming PC.

@Rantula Try as he might that person I live with just absolutely loathes playing games on a computer, even when I set us up with a Steam Link.

@kellycrow Oh true. I've definitely been there and had past PC's basically impode on me. shit is def expenisve. Mainly made my PC for WoW and wound up falling in love with Steam. I still use my PS4 but only for particular games

@Rantula honestly im glad my fiance doesnt dig PC gaming because only one of us needs to live with the burden of attempting to resist Steam sales

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