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First day back to the gym and im dreading it

I enjoy rainy days. It means I get to stay inside.

Don’t ever confuse education with schooling

Someone should invent a social network where old school nerds can share ideas and problems quickly

This hackintosh thing is the most annoying process in the world right now

Just so y’all know. As someone who is born and raised in Brooklyn for 30 years. Most the people out here walking around acting like big shots are just talking out their asses

As a kid I loved just hanging out in places like micro center or guitar center. Always wished I was someone that was talented

I think I’ve said this before but futurama is so underrated

Anyone on here ever done a hackintosh? If so, what processor did you use?

Throwing this out there for anyone that wants to grab for free on PC

How do I get an invite to the community? Registration is closed down 😢

story time part 2 

story time 

Why can’t I just stay asleep...... for like a week. Not a coma...... just a long ass nap

Do y’all like art on here? Serious question.

was way underrated. It def deserves more credit than most people are willing to give it

Does the Godzilla fan base exist anymore or am I the only loser still obsessed with giant monsters?

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we need to improve access to free / open source media company software for independent media companies

=> youtube production quality > CNN

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