I wonder if anyone who hasn't worked with it, can appreciate how much effort goes into creating a programming language. Specifically, how difficult it actually is to make proper, Unambigous grammar, as well as specifying the Semantics correctly.

when working on creating a there are many things to consider. I'll recommend starting my looking into Finite Automatons (DFA's, NFA's, PDA's), Context Free Grammars, Lexers, Parsers and Abstract syntax trees.

On that note, The more I work with these things, the more, strangely, i come to like

Also, in regard to that tag: see what i did there 😊️

When considering , which would choose to fulfill the following criteria:

- You can freely use the software
- You are free to modify the software
- Any changes in a modified version, used in projects accomodating the public, e.g. a search engine, a serverbackend for some client, or a distributed program must be made public
- The original creator must be credited for his work

Is it the AGPL ? I'm kind of uncertain.

@cassidyjames How'd you get my Laptop?!

Nah, I kid. How does elementary OS run on an XPS? :D
also, is that the 13"?

There's a guy in my Semester on the university running Linux on one. But he says the only DE he has run so far that plays nice enough with the (what, 4K?) display is KDE on Fedora.

@cassidyjames In Denmark, we pay about 45% of our income in taxes.

Everything we buy, has an 25% added to the price, as sales tax (we don't see that, but you can get the number by taking the price of the item in question and multiply it by 0.2)

In return, we can apply for about $1000/month while doing an education (that's something like $800 on the account) and our universities and so on are all free. So is the hospitals.

But yeah, companies like Coca cola don't pay a dime

I love it when text books does this. This is used in our operating systems course, and this is the footnote explaining the state enum: zombie

Taken from the book: Operating Systems Three Easy PIeces v1.0

Does anyone have some experience with files and webdav? When i use the address to the nextcloud server on my raspberry pi, it seemingly connects and then returns to the login screen, which is very annoying. I was kind of hoping to use this for a fileshare.

@cassidyjames at the risk of being bothersome: Can you point me to some place where i can enable my app to handle certain types of protocols, such as:


I know you've done it with AppCenter links, somehow, but glancing at the code it's not immediately obvious to me.

While developing with and for is certainly fun, I'm having some issues with the GLib.ListModel, so much so that I'm considering doing a Box based object to replace ListBox, that does not depend on it, but rather can use a slightly modified version of Gee.ArrayList 🙄

But that makes me feel dirty too.

Hrm, what to do...

So, today I applied css to + for the first time, doing OS app development in Vala.

I really hope to get this app into beta soon, and hopefully other people than just me will find it very useful.

@cassidyjames How do you open external applications from a GTK window? Say, triggering a new mail in the default mail program, or opening a browser window. Would those just be by use of the LinkButton? (with mail being mailto=mail@address.here)

Did a tiny bit of Vala coding today for the first time in a long time, on an app that will eventually be released into the wild. As it happens I just finished writing a lot of Java code for a semester project. The summation of my experiences might seem simpleminded, but imo:

Vala > Java
io.elementary.code > IntelliJ

On the latter comparison, yes, they are barely comparable, but code just has such a beautiful, clean interface.

Thank you Devs :)

Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out! buff.ly/2FGHLMD

@cassidyjames oh my, is it that strong, or just 'to die for'?

Bet you can write some killer code after drinking that

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