Hey @cassidyjames I have a WebDev question for you, if you don't mind:

Do you try actively to have as little JS as possible on websites, or just, you know, whatever bit is needed to make things function as they should?

I was just pondering your statement about 'yay for the new blog having no JS' something i can understand for it's own sake, but i was wondering if that's how you feel in general about JS and why?

I personally hate JS, as a language, but it's still pretty useful.

@cassidyjames Wow. How innovative...

Though, I think i recall something like... Lenovo Yoga... something, Dell XPS 2-in-1... nah.

Apple's probably the first to do the Tablet/laptop in one thing


From all the hosting providers and cloud stuff I've tried out so far, is the one i like the best.

It's SO easy and simple to use. And it's pretty cheap as well. For Droplets at least.

Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead!

Death Eaters: *cheering*

Narcissa Malfoy:

So i read the post about how the ethernet icon had changed in OS

How come it's not changed here? 🧐️

The worst part about development is when your app is dependent on some sort of service (SQL, etc) and suddenly you can't debug, because the god damn service is acting up, and you have to spend your time figuring out what the fuck is wrong.


God damn it!

Opened the Audio controls on elementary OS Juno, just to find out the speaker config dropdown is gone, and i can't specify that my configuration is 5.1 and not stereo 😔️

Had a wonderful date with the Mrs. tonight. First: Burgers at a restaurant, then an hour of Power bowling, that was fun.

I love that woman.

still has me sceptical. Overall it seems a decent enough language, if occassionally a bit messy.

But man, does developing in it take forever. Things I can do a couple of hours in C# takes days in vala simply because i have to work around odd quirks of GLib and GObject that seemingly make no sense at all.

Has anyone any experience in doing development with and on a Linux distro?

Specifically customizing the UI theming to look native?

I was really close to just dropping this entire project and doing it in C# with .NET Core instead.

I've had a problem in for some time now. It has been driving me nuts.

I had an interface, that inherited Gee.Collection<specificClass> and implemented an abstract class for it: AbstractClass : Gee.AbstractCollection<SpecificClass> but i kept getting a GObject assertion error. Now i changed the interface to inherit the AbstractCollection<SpecificClass> instead, and now it's not a problem.

...What the fuck.

Get work done. Or play.

Stay productive and focused with Multitasking View, Picture-in-Picture, Do Not Disturb, and more. Or keep work out of sight when watching videos or playing games. elementary OS is built to cater to your workflow. buff.ly/2GarNd2

Hey devs using for creating a class that can be used as a Gee.Collection should i just have it inherit AbstractCollection rather than inheriting Gee.Collection and implementing everything by hand?

Hi there fellow app devs.

I was wondering, does anyone else make use of the app 'ValaCompiler' ?

While i enjoy overall, the documentation on how to use delegates is shite.

I went through it three times I think without properly understanding it, then I ended up making a couple of guesses and thanks to the app for by Bart Zaalberg, trying out these things aren't too difficult.

While writing unittests (particularly in ) is one of the most tiresome parts of doing quality implementation work, watching the tests all pass successfully is a very satisfying experience 🤓️


Last exam passed, meaning I just finished whats generally recognized as the most difficult semester at the university (on my Bachelor). Yay!

Hey @cassidyjames, I was wondering if there is a specific reason there are no appratings in the appcenter?

I'm not opposed to there being no way to rate apps, It's just with a good deal of the curated ones, it'd be nice to sort of give a 'I approve of this' or '👍️' kind of thing, so other users know that this app is just the best.

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