so, when experiencing that ann appimage fudges up a driver, do you report it to the guys who made the driver, to the appimage devs, or to the OS github page?

I have a feeling it didn't have ANYTHING to do with the OS, and everything to do with the appimage.

Oh right, and lastly, changes to /proc/acpi/* are reset at every reboot, aka. not persistent.

So what one does is create a systemed unit that does this, at every boot.

Hey people!

The other day i was listening to an episode of and Joe Resington and Jason were discussing how low the ram usage was of XFCE. So when I booted in to Manjaro XFCE (to test something about suspend) I ran htop, and got something like 1.2 Gb RAM usage while doing nothing but the htop in the XFCE terminal.

Just did the same in elementary, while running an external display via display link. 1.1 Gb RAM usage.

I love elementary OS.

So, trying to run everything i can as a on hasn't been an overwhelming success. So far, both Midori and Nextcloud has failed 😕️

AAAAAND, solved:

sudo -s
echo EHC1 > /proc/acpi/wakeup

what was the cause and why does this work?

Well, the cause was the bluetooth module waking the PC up, when it has devices added to it.

disabling wakeup from EHC1 disables wakeon lan due to ethernet, as far as I can tell, which bluetooth was apparently triggering.

I will be needing to reinstall my laptop in order to figure out, which package i install that breaks suspend.

But I kind of wanted to wait for the 5.1 release of elementary (because i really want to use the new installer) hrm. What to do...

I am actually (no joke) encouraged by the fact that elementary has become so important/influential that some people find it worth their time to hate it. Nobody hates things that don’t matter.

So, my laptop has this really strange issue where it wakes after two seconds in suspend. It's maddening, especially because if I boot from something like a manjaro live USB, nothing of the sort happens. But I have had Manjaro installed (a year or so ago, and after installing a bunch of the packages i used, it started happening there too) Any idea what service could cause this? I've tried stopping both mssql-server and libvirtd, but to no avail.

Lastly: regarding the family members running Linux, what i hear from people are: "well they have you to help them!"

firstly: parents, granny and my uncle all live close to 100 miles away.

second: The fact is that since I replaced their windows systems I hardly ever get contacted about tech, and when I do, it's usually something on a website they don't know how to do.

There's just much, much less hassle. And it has also saved them a load of cash as the hardware just lasts much longer.

I think what really is the problem is: Ignorance, and the fact that the people who say it aren't average users. They put time into learning to do their advanced stuff on windows. Spent time setting it up, and learning to utilize it, and they do not wish to reinvest that time.

And to the gamers: It's getting better and better over here, but I completely understand.

I've a statement I'd like to get out there. Typically we hear: "Linux isn't for the average user, the Linux Desktop just isn't ready"

Well. Both my very non-tech parents are running OS

And my grandmothers (she's about 83 or so) PC will have windows replaced with elementary OS next time I visit her.

Microsoft has removed the ability to create an offline account on new Windows 10 installs unless your PC is offline. Disconnect your network / modem before installing Windows 10.

Another option is to keep trying to create the MS account with a fake phone number until it gives up and lets you create a local offline account.

Bonus tip - if you don't want to set security questions when creating an offline account: create one without a password and then set the password via the control panel after logging in.

Well, I figure you can't from the async method, but then maybe after it yields, everytime it does so

Hey, and app developers, can you trigger a signal from an async method (you know, so it causes an update on the GTK gui?) I haven't been able to figure it out so far

Hey users, how many of you actually use ?

If you do then how/for what? all the time? or just for a few select things?

Hey @cassidyjames

Have you heard of Systemd-homed?

Sounds like something that'd be perfect for elementary OS. Any take on it, or is it far too early for that?

One thing i wish in io.elementary.code above all else?

The same super awesome git control that Visual Studio Code has. Its so fantastically simple to work with Repos even if they have the submodules that almost everyone always whines about the difficulty of using.

But some 'intellisense' would be awesome too.

I use io.elementary.code quite a bit, and I really like it.

Hey devs!

New apps should definitely be flatpak(ed) right? 🙂️

Can anyone using and link a good example of a simple setup with:

--/src (this builds to some lib)
--/test (this builds to a bunch of unit tests using the newly build vapi)

I simply cannot get it to work, the test seems not to catch the lib at all, complaining it's types does not exist

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