@cassidyjames at the risk of being bothersome: Can you point me to some place where i can enable my app to handle certain types of protocols, such as:


I know you've done it with AppCenter links, somehow, but glancing at the code it's not immediately obvious to me.

@RasmusLindegaard I honestly don't know off the top of my head. I'd have to do some digging.

@cassidyjames I guess I can try asking on stackoverflow, I just thought I'd try the hotline first 😉

@cassidyjames Yes, after some research i found something similar online. Thanks a bunch for your time.

I have some idea of how valuable it is, so I truly appreciate it!

@cassidyjames while I don't like talking much about projects that still have some way to go before a beta, I'll say this much: It's a two part project:
1. Is a library to make interfacing with a Phone (through bluetooth) via vala, much easier. It's basically just an abstraction layer on top of Bluez (using DBus)

2. A GUI to allow users to view and edit their phone contacts. Write texts (sms) and handle phone calls. Basically a 'handsfree' app


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