Here's an excellent example of why sideloading apps on (even through trustworthy PPA's) suck. Suddenly i am informed that the key for strycore is too old. I look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d to find the ppa, but can't. Appcenter won't update, due to this error. To i go to google, and it takes me a few moments to figure out that the package causing trouble here is Lutris.

Well, a quick rm command and the package ppa is gone. I figure I'll just uninstall Lutris. Luckily, i hardly ever use it. But then imagine some absolute newbie, wanting to game on linux, sideloading the lutris app, and suddenly their system won't update anymore, because appcenter keeps giving them an error. What the hell are they supposed to do? I mean, sure, it was easy to run the .deb through eddy, but what's that persons chance of identifying the culprit? and handling it...

Though, I'll have to admit of course that I do sideload myself. VSCode (sorry team, but code doesn't cut it when doing large .NET projects). Steam, because there's no easier way to game, and no better one, IMO. As well as a few other packages. Protip though: Try to stick with the curated stuff, it really is the best experience!

@RasmusLindegaard this is why we push curated apps, plus why we're working on Flatpak integration for AppCenter. Sideloading with Flatpak is a lot less problematic than dealing with Debian packages and PPAs.

@cassidyjames I've never successfully installed a Flatpak on the system, I look forward to doing so

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