I see so many saying they've suddenly gotten a lot of time for hobbies, etc. since they have to stay at home. For me, it's the exact opposite. I have three kids, and would normally go to the university, work on projects and stuff for 6-8 hours in relative peace (with members of the group) and then go home to cook dinner and enjoy time with the family. Then I'd have the evening for hobbies...

Not so anymore. Now I get up with the kids, and cook breakfast for all of us. Then i have a discord meeting with my group. And then I work, with noise and (plenty) interruptions from the kids until 15:00 in the afternoon, then I do some chores around the house. and finally, in the evening, I can get actual studying done. Those hours during the afternoon? I'm guessing I work at < 1/3rd of normal efficiency. *sigh*

It is nice to have some extra time with the family though.

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